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The best zombie monsters are tough to find, but don’t let their difficulty dissuade you. The following is a list of the best zombies in trading card games. Check them out and pick your favorites!

The “zombie monsters yugioh” is a card game. This game has zombies in it and is played with cards. The game can be played by two or more people.

Zombies are one of the most adaptable monsters on the planet.

If you want to play a zombie deck, you have a variety of options to choose from, including Zombie Burn, Zombie Beatdown, and Zombie Synchro, to name a few.

It might be difficult to know where to begin with so many distinct Zombie methods to pick from…

That’s why we’ve come!


15. World of Zombie

Zombie World Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Any Zombie strategy must start with Zombie World.

Every monster on the field or in the graveyards becomes a zombie type while it’s on the field, and this card prohibits any non-zombie monster from being summoned as a tribute.

For two reasons, this field spell is incredible:

For starters, it lets you to include non-zombie cards in your deck while still benefiting from the zombie deck’s broken synergy!

Second, having monsters of a certain kind helps a lot of decks.

Just look at the dragon link! Almost every Link monster in a Dragon Link extra deck needs dragon monsters to summon, which means you’ve effectively shut them out of their extra deck if you’ve simply converted all of their monsters into zombies.


14. Reaper of the Spirits

Spirit Reaper YGO Card

Spirit Reaper is an oldie but a goodie, a classic zombie card that belongs in any deck – zombie or otherwise!

While this guy’s numbers aren’t very impressive, his impact is.

Spirit Reaper can’t be killed in fight, so if you only put him in defense, you’ll have a protective wall that’ll be tough to break through in conflict.

Furthermore, if you maintain this person in attack position, your opponent will have to discard one random card from their hand every time it does combat damage to them by direct attack.

This is an excellent strategy to put pressure on your opponent, control their hand, and reduce the likelihood of a comeback.


13. Enma’s Decision

Enma's Judgment Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This clever little trap is a terrific method to get pricey monsters out quickly while simultaneously causing havoc for your opponent.

Enma’s Judgment kills any monster you special summon (for free!) and then enables you to exile 5 Zombies from your graveyard to special summon a level 7 or higher Zombie from your hand or deck.

This is rather pricey. But it was well worth it.

Zombie decks perform best when the graveyard is completely loaded with various Zombies, ensuring that you always have 5 extra Zombies to trigger this wonderful effect.


Doomkaiser Dragon (Doomkaiser Dragon) (Doomkaiser Dragon)

Doomkaiser Dragon YGO Card

Zombies was the go-to deck at the outset of the synchro era.

These dudes could create synchro summons very reliably thanks to one of the finest tuners ever printed (Plaguespreader Zombie).

Doomkaiser Dragon was one of these decks’ greatest synchro choices. All you need at level 6 is a level 4 monster and a Plaguespreader Zombie.

And, because level 4 is the most frequent level for main deck monsters, achieving this is an easy.

Remember how in Zombie World, all creatures in your opponent’s graveyard were converted into Zombies?

This creature takes use of that effect, since after it’s summoned successfully, you may summon any Zombie monster from your opponent’s graveyard as a special summon.


11. Turtle Pyramid

Pyramid Turtle Yu-Gi-Oh Card

You may have observed that although all Zombie creatures have decent attack values, the majority of them have terrible defensive stats.

That, it turns out, is a strength, not a weakness, of this deck.

You may special summon any Zombie monster with 2000 or less defense from your deck when Pyramid Turtle is destroyed by combat.

The year 2000 is a very high benchmark. And this will provide you with a plethora of possibilities for whichever kind of gaming you want!

You may obtain some giant beat-stick monsters to smash your opponent with, or some tuners to get your synchro moves started. The possibilities are infinite!


Il Blud (#10)

Il Blud YGO Card

I’m pretty sure Il Blud is the only gemini monster I’ll ever play.

The majority of the gemini monsters are much too sluggish, requiring two regular summons to get their powers… But Il Blud is such a fantastic monster that it’s well worth the wait.

The following is how it works:

You may special summon any Zombie monster from your graveyard or hand once per turn, but when this card leaves the field, all Zombies special summoned this way must be destroyed.

This is an excellent approach to swarm the field. Because you can not only summon any powerful Zombies from your hand or graveyard, but you can also take your opponent’s most powerful monsters and use them against them.

Il Blud is a must-have for any Zombie deck since you can do this every round.


9. Zombie Dragon with Red Eyes

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This man spits in the face of tribute summoning, enabling you to summon it with only one Zombie creature instead of the typical two required by most level-7 monsters.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon also makes the most rudimentary usage of Zombie World.

When this card defeats a Zombie monster in battle, you may take it for yourself and special summon it to your side of the field in any fighting position.

This is essentially a Zombie Goyo Guardian, enabling you to completely trample your opponent (and with their own monsters no less).


Shiranui Solitaire is the eighth game in the Shiranui series.

Shiranui Solitaire YGO Card

Shiranuis is one of the most recent zombie decks to appear in Yu-Gi-Oh, having debuted in the Arc-V period.

They’re also one of the finest synchro decks out there, so give them a try if you want to play a cohesive Zombie deck.

Even if you aren’t playing Shiranui exclusively, this man is a fantastic compliment to any Zombie strategy.

You may special summon any Zombie tuner from your deck with 0 defense by tributing another Zombie creature you control.

This ideally positions you for a synchro summon.

Using this effect to summon a card like Uni-Zombie enables you to synchro summon into level 7,8, or 9, giving you access to a slew of immensely strong synchro monsters.


7. Life’s Book

Book of Life Yu-Gi-Oh Card

While Zombies are fantastic at resurrecting their own creatures, it never hurts to have a little extra assistance.

This card is essentially a zombie version of Monster Reborn, only better.

You may use the Book of Life to summon a Zombie monster from your graveyard while banishing a monster from your opponent’s graveyard.

In contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh!, most decks will treat the graveyard as if it were a secondhand item.

Being able to banish cards from it ensures that your opponent will have limited access to them for the remainder of the game. It’s excellent for you, but not so much for them.


Uni-Zombie is the sixth game in the Uni-Zombie series.

Uni-Zombie YGO Card

Getting the levels for synchro summoning just perfect is a nightmare.

I always seem to be one level over or below what I need to synchro summon the creatures I desire.

It’s no longer an issue with Uni-Zombie!

This card has two methods to modify the level of monsters on the field, each of which may be used once every round.

To begin, you may discard a card from your hand to raise any monster on the field by one level.

Second, you may send a Zombie creature from your deck to the graveyard to raise a monster’s level on the field by one.

This second effect helps you to arrange your levels for a synchro summon while also correctly loading up your graveyard for whatever plays you have coming up next.

It’s a synchro enabler and a Foolish Burial.

Tuners don’t get much better than this, in my opinion!


5. Mezuki

Mezuki Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Mezuki was one of the first Zombie monsters to appear in Yu-Gi-Oh, appearing in Premium Pack 2 all the way back in 2008.

It’s still one of the greatest Zombie monsters around!

You may banish this card from your graveyard to special summon any other Zombie in your graveyard.

You may summon numerous Zombies in a single round if you have multiple copies of Mezuki in your graveyard.

Mezuki is a must-have at 3 copies per deck, given how easy Zombie decks can fill their graveyard with any monsters they choose.


4. Zombie Plaguespreader

Plaguespreader Zombie YGO Card

This man isn’t just the finest Zombies tuner; he’s one of the best tuners ever!

Plaguespreader Zombie is very simple to deploy into the battlefield.

You may special summon it from the graveyard by placing any card from your hand on top of your deck while it’s in the graveyard, but it must be banished once it leaves the field.

This makes summoning synchros a breeze.

All you have to do is put this guy in your graveyard, summon a monster normally, and voila! You’ve acquired a potent new synchro.


3. Glow-in-the-Dark Bloom

Glow-Up Bloom Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Wait till you see what this card can do for Zombies if you thought Glow-Up Bulb was a strong synchro enabler.

When this card is sent to the graveyard (by sending it from the deck, synchro summoning, or simply being destroyed in combat), you may search your deck for any level 5 or higher Zombie monster.

If you have Zombie World up on your side of the field, this effect is amplified, enabling you to call that monster to your side of the field with a special summon.

This is one of the most effective ways for Zombies to quickly deploy high-level creatures into the battlefield.

You may speed up this combination by using One for One to special summon Glow-Up Bloom, letting you to grab Glow-Up Bloom right from the deck.


2. Ash Blossoms and a Happy Spring

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring YGO Card

In current Yu-Gi-Oh!, there isn’t a single deck. Oh, and it’s simple to understand why that isn’t main-decking a playset of this card.

The greatest hand trap in the game is Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, which should be played three times in any Zombies deck.

What it does is as follows:

This card may be discarded from your hand to negate any effects that move cards out of the deck, such as special summons, drawing, or even sending cards to the graveyard.

When used in a Zombie deck, this card only becomes better.

Because most decks will simply leave it in the graveyard after it’s been discarded. But, because to Zombies’ graveyard-manipulation abilities, you may special summon this card back to the field to act as a synchro summon tuner.


1. The Golden Lord, Eldlich

Eldlich the Golden Lord Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Eldlich the Golden Lord is the most recent Yu-Gi-Oh zombie to be released (as of this writing), reminding us all of how strong zombies can be.

It’s an immensely strong piece of non-destructive removal while it’s in your hands.

You may discard it with one spell or trap on the field to send one card to the graveyard. Eldlich the Golden Lord is the ideal approach to go around the fact that more and more monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh have effects that prevent them from being destroyed by card effects.

While this card is in your graveyard (after you’ve just discarded it), you may send another spell or trap from your hand to the graveyard to return it to your hand — as well as special summoning a Zombie creature from your hand.

The problem with this effect is that Eldlich may potentially summon himself to the field, giving you a 2500 attack monster for free!

Furthermore, whichever monster you summon has a 1000 attack point increase and is immune to card effects, ensuring that you always have a powerful monster.

You have the option of special summoning another Zombie monster and having free non-destructive removal in your hand every round, or special summoning it and having a free enormous monster to hit your opponent with.

You can’t go wrong with this place.

The “zombie synchro monsters” is a card type that was introduced in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The cards are usually treated as normal monsters, but can be fused with other monsters to create a Synchro Monster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a good zombie deck?

A: A good zombie deck is one that uses the Zombie tribal cards, Deathcrawler Shamans ability to bring back Zombies from your graveyard, and Psychic Reunion to create a large amount of zombies.

Who uses zombies in Yugioh?

A: Zombies are the monsters that are primarily used by players to represent their own decks in Yugioh. They can also be found as enemies for competitive play, however they cannot be played directly against players decks because of copyright restrictions.

How do you beat a zombie deck in Yugioh?

A: You need to counter with a card from your hand that specifically counters the zombie deck. Ex, Gravekeepers Secretary would be able to stop zombies in their tracks if they are summoned by banishing them from the graveyard.

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