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The Best Parrots, Ranked (Macaws, Parakeets & Cockatoos) –


Parrots and parakeets are popular pets because they’re fun, intelligent, and provide entertainment. This list includes the best macaws, parakeets and cockatoos for your home.

The “best parrots for pets” is a blog post that ranks the best parrots, including macaws, parakeets and cockatoos. The article also includes information on what to feed them and how to care for them.

Don’t tell the other pet owners, because they were taken advantage of!

In Sea of Thieves, there’s a lot you can do with your pet bird, and they’ll happily stay in the Bird Cage in your Captain’s Quarters if you don’t want them to go into trouble.

With a cap on, all of the birds seem even cuter — to the point where they can warm even the coldest of Reaper Hearts.

So, whichever kind of pirate you are, you deserve a feathered companion, and here are the greatest in the game!


Crimson Macaw is the tenth bird on the list.

Crimson Macaw from Sea of Thieves

Price: $499 Coins from the past Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

When you ask people what a parrot looks like, I believe most of them would envision something similar to this one.

With its lovely yellow and blue feathers on its wings, the Crimson Macaw looks a lot like a genuine Scarlett Macaw. It’s also the most “traditional” looking parrot in the Sea of Thieves, as well as in real life.

Hey, you’ve heard that before:

The greatest is the original, and this is a great place to start.


Grey-winged parakeet (number 9)

Grey Wing Parakeet from Sea of Thieves

Price: $499 Coins from the past Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

If the Crimson Macaw isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a parrot, it’s probably this design.

The Grey Wing Parakeet resembles an African Grey in appearance. But the nicest part about this pet is that it looks great in almost any outfit.

There is no such thing as a ‘best’ outfit here… However, if you want a suggestion, become a Pirate Legend as soon as possible so you may dress your parrot in a Pirate Legend attire as well!


Plumcap Macaw (number 8)

Plumcap Macaw from Sea of Thieves

Price: $499 Pirate Emporium is the location of the gold shop.

If you’re the kind of pirate who gets hungry and eats whatever’s in the food barrels, I believe I’ve discovered a pet to blame for everything (you monster).

The Plumcap Macaw is a colorful parrot with a purple face and vibrant green feathers.

It seems to be wearing a plum for a cap, as its name indicates. And because they aren’t in the game, I believe we can just blame it for all the missing pomegranates.


Macaw with a Gold Curse

Gold Curse Macaw from Sea of Thieves

649 Ancient Coins (about) Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

This following parrot skin may bring a grin to your face if you’re a pirate with costly tastes (or just a desire for riches).

The Gold Curse Macaw is a majestic golden bird with gleaming aqua gem eyes.

I wouldn’t get this pet wet, though, for fear of it rusting like the metal skeletons.

When the bird rests on your arm, it must weigh a ton… But don’t be depressed about the curse; they appear to be enjoying it!


6. Cockatoo on a Campfire

Campfire Cockatoo from Sea of Thieves

Price: $499 Coins from the past Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

In Sea of Thieves, roaring campfires are typically a poor idea since they reveal your location — and you may be spotted for miles, particularly at night.

However, if you insist on having something fiery with you, maybe this parrot would suffice.

With its brilliant flaming red feathers, the Campfire Cockatoo sticks out among the other birds, and it goes well with the Cockatoo Admiral Outfit.

We all know that if you’re on an island at night telling tales around the campfire to your crew, they’ll all fall out drunk. Your Campfire Cockatoo, on the other hand, will remain awake and make a big fuss if another crew begins shooting at you.


5. Macaw of the Ashen Curse

Ashen Curse Macaw from Sea of Thieves

649 Ancient Coins (about) Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

Some of Sea of Thieves’ most beautiful cosmetics shimmer.

They’re also stunning at night.

If you like glowing effects, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a parrot that glows as well — as long as you can put up with their… state.

The Ashen Curse Macaw has a flaming hairstyle and is coated in black feathers. It shines so brightly that you’ll never lose track of your feathery companion.

Unfortunately, the curse that causes them to shine has revealed their ribcage and luminous heart.

To be honest, it seems to be excruciating… They don’t seem to mind, however!


4. Cockatoo with a Skeleton

Skeleton Cockatoo from Sea of Thieves

649 Ancient Coins (about) Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

I wouldn’t normally include a pet on a list that is no longer available (as of this writing), but this one has been brought back previously – and they may do it again!

The Skeleton Cockatoo is a frightening bird built entirely of bones.

I’m not sure what to say about the feathers since it doesn’t have any!

Regardless, this is the ideal pet to pair with the various ghost-themed ship cosmetics — and no pet will top this one if you’re planning a Halloween-themed pirate.


3. Forager Parrot Hunter’s Call

Hunter's Call Forager Parrot from Sea of Thieves

649 Ancient Coins (about) Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

Are you sure this is a parrot, Sea of Thieves developers?

The Hunter’s Call Forager Parrot has the appearance of a raptor rather than a pretty parrot.

Don’t think I missed the metal claws on one of my feet!

Needless to say, this bird seems to be serious about its work – and it can probably take care of itself better than any other pet in the game.

If they could, the other parrots would bring you fruit.

You’d get chickens with this one.


2. Parakeet of the Palm Grove

Palm Grove Parakeet from Sea of Thieves

Price: $499 Coins from the past Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

This rating is purely subjective, however this skin is so high because I just purchased one of these parakeets and dressed it up like a banana.

The Palm Grove Parakeet is one of the game’s most vibrantly colored birds.

And no, I’m not joking: you can purchase a banana skin cap for your parakeet.

But, hat or no hat, the waters may be a touch dreary and grey if you’re not sailing through the Shores of Plenty.

If you’re traveling alone, this tiny one will bring a smile to your face no matter where you go.


1. Cockatoo, Royal Pink

Royal Pink Cockatoo from Sea of Thieves

Price: $499 Coins from the past Pirate Emporium is the name of the store.

Here’s another bird I’m partial to since, well, I have one in real life that looks nearly identical!

In-game, it’s just as charming.

The Royal Pink Cockatoo looks remarkably like a Galah Cockatoo. However, if it’s having a terrible day, the one in the game won’t attempt to rip your fingers to bits…

In a world full of murderous pirates and skeletons, the actual bird might be harsh and gloomy, but your Sea of Thieves Cockatoo is as charming and cheery as can be.

The “biggest parrot in the world” is a large macaw that can reach a height of 3.1 feet and weigh up to 20 pounds. The bird’s scientific name is Ara ararauna, which means “king of the forest.” This bird is found in Central America and South America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pet parrot is best?

A: Parrot birds are very temperamental and should be treated as such. They may bite you, fly off at the slightest noise or even attack your other pets. All around, parrots like to destroy things and make a lot of noise so theyre not good for calm households where people need peace and quiet. If these factors dont bother you then its time to get yourself a cockatiel!

Which parrot is most beautiful?


Which is the best talking parrot?

A: There are many different species of parrots. There is no one best talking parrot for everyone, but there are some that have a reputation as being more talkative than others. Some pet stores can help you find the perfect bird to complete your family!

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