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We’ve covered the best Xbox One games for 2019, but what about the best online multiplayer games? This list of the top 10 best online multiplayer Xbox One games is ranked by user ratings.

The best free online multiplayer games xbox one is a list of the best online multiplayer Xbox One games. These games are ranked by their overall quality and popularity.

When I was younger, there was nothing better than spending an afternoon with pals shooting each other on split-screen or playing a difficult co-op game.

My pals are dispersed throughout the globe nowadays.

However, due to the Internet, we are still able to play together.

These days, you don’t even need buddies to play with other individuals. There are a lot of fun multiplayer games that pair you up with random individuals, which is a fantastic way to meet new people.

If you have an Xbox One and are searching for some online entertainment, these are the finest games to try.


Stardew Valley (#25) (2016)

Stardew Valley Xbox One gameplay

It’s not immediately clear how well a farming RPG would transfer to multiplayer gaming, but Stardew Valley proves that it can be done.

There’s so much to do in this game that sharing a farm with up to four players won’t harm.

Someone may be mining while the others look to the farm, and nothing beats going out for drinks with the crew and meeting some attractive bachelors/bachelorettes.

Make it a point to woo your favorite character before the other players do! When you might have had an ambitious astronomer or a beach-dwelling poet, you don’t want to wind up with a Joja employee.

And if you’re not sure how multiplayer will work with Stardew, this tutorial will help you figure it out.


Dead by Deadlight (#24) (2017)

Dead by Deadlight multiplayer game screenshot

If you like Mario Party’s 3v1 mini-games, you’ll enjoy Dead by Deadlight.

While zombie/monster survival is usually considered a cooperative experience, Dead by Deadlight adds a competitive element with asymmetric multiplayer:

A group of four players eludes a fifth player who is manipulating a monster and attempting to sacrifice them to “The Entity.”

For survivors and monsters, there are plenty of bonuses and personalization choices, as well as enough DLC to keep you all occupied for months.

The DLC for Dead by Deadlight is particularly intriguing since it features collaborations with licensed titles such as Silent Hill, Stranger Things, the Evil Dead, and Resident Evil.


23. All You Can Eat: Overcooked (2024)

Overcooked: All You Can Eat multiplayer gameplay

Overcooked has rapidly established itself as a family-friendly gaming favorite.

It’s easy to pick up, and no one wants to put it down.

The bustle of an overworked kitchen has a way of drawing people’s attention to the television.

Vegetables must constantly be chopped, dishes must be washed, and fish must be fried.

Overcooked: All You Can Eat combines all of the material from Overcooked and its sequel – including all DLC – into one convenient bundle, all of which runs on the upgraded engine from Overcooked 2.


Minecraft: Xbox One Edition (number 22) (2014)

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition screenshot

I used to exchange a save file with a buddy back when Minecraft was still in Alpha so we could construct together in this single-player game.

And now it’s been more than a decade since the release of Alpha.

Most people now consider Minecraft to be mainly a multiplayer game.

You have the option of inviting others into your own world or visiting theirs to explore and thrive together. To explore huge multiplayer worlds, you may also join a server.

Cross-platform compatibility is one of my favorite aspects of Minecraft as a multiplayer game.

On Xbox Series X/S, PS4/PS5, mobile devices, and even PC, you may connect with pals.


Minecraft Dungeons is number twenty-one (2020)

Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer Xbox One gameplay

Minecraft is a fantastic game. However, not everyone enjoys the sandbox’s open-ended gameplay.

For those who like a game with a clear goal, Minecraft Dungeons is ideal.

Another useful tutorial for anybody new to multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons is available here.

“Baby’s first Diablo clone,” as this action RPG spin-off is dubbed. It’s a vibrant and action-packed hack-and-slash with adorable visuals and a family-friendly plot.

You won’t have to worry about your children having nightmares about The Butcher or Azmodan, unlike in the original Diablo.


Dark Souls III is the twenty-first game in the Dark Souls series (2016)

Dark Souls III multiplayer game screenshot

Evil Souls III may give anybody nightmares, not only because of its bosses and nefarious foes, but also because of the dark spirits that infiltrate your game.

These crimson phantoms make up half of the multiplayer component of the game.

These nefarious gamers are waiting for an opportunity to catch you off guard and reward you for finishing your run. They’ll always appear at the worst possible moment, and if you’ve just fought NPCs so far, they’ll most likely dispatch you swiftly.

But don’t be concerned!

Blue phantoms may also be summoned to assist you in clearing dangerous sections, defeating difficult monsters, and defending oneself from intruders.

Although it is mainly a single-player game, the online multiplayer component is essential to the Nintendo DS experience.


Destiny 2 (1999) (2017)

Destiny 2 multiplayer screenshot

Even if your workplace is just a few meters away from your bed, we still need to relax after a long day at work, and nothing beats mindless looting and shooting to do so.

Killing aliens to gain better equipment allows you to fight tougher creatures for even greater rewards in Destiny 2.

You may also complete narrative objectives, discover the game’s rich history, and complete a variety of side tasks for unique treasure.

The Crucible, where you’ll finally put your hard-earned load-out to the test, includes thrilling co-op objectives and conventional PvP battles in this epic space fantasy shooter.


5. Gears 18 (2019)

Gears 5 multiplayer Xbox One gameplay

The Gears of War franchise has been running strong for almost 15 years, but the fifth major entry dropped the “of War” to signal a change in the brand’s approach.

However, it’s all a ruse.

The cover has a strong female protagonist, and the game’s visual design has progressed since the days of hyper-masculine beefcakes wielding chainsaws – but it’s still the same Gears we all know and love underneath.

Gears 5 has a great three-player co-op story that’s ideal for a weekend of gaming with your friends, but the game’s competitive multiplayer playlists, renowned Horde survival mode, and all-new Escape mode are what you really want.


No Man’s Sky (No Man’s Sky) (No Man’s Sky) (2018)

No Man's Sky multiplayer screenshot

We believed No Man’s Sky would be the most enormous multiplayer experience the world had ever seen for a long time before it was launched.

Then it was published without any kind of multiplayer.

That was only one of the many features that were lacking from the game.

Hello Games has brought No Man’s Sky closer to their initial vision after many years of hard effort. You may construct bases, drive brand-new surface vehicles, and manage your own fleet!

On Xbox One, the game features cross-platform multiplayer, allowing up to 8 people to explore together.


ARK: Survival Evolved (16. ARK: Survival Evolved) (2017)

ARK: Survival Evolved multiplayer gameplay

I like exploring new planets with unique flora and fauna, but there are times when you want to sit down and learn about the local animals.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a huge online game in which players create tribes in order to live in a strange world full of beautiful but dangerous biomes and deadly animals.

Previously, only dinosaurs could be hunted and domesticated in the game, but now all kinds of unusual animals may be hunted and tamed.

Wyverns, griffins, and even phoenixes are among them.


15. For the Love of Honor (2017)

For Honor multiplayer Xbox One gameplay

If you like fighting games and can’t get enough of complicated instructions and various postures, For Honor will appeal to you.

Knights, Samurai, Vikings, and the Chinese Wu Lin are pitted against each other in 4v4 melees, 2v2 doubles, and 1v1 duels in this historically inaccurate hack-and-slash.

It will take a while before you’re anything more than cannon fodder, thanks to a complicated fighting system and complex blocking mechanisms, but once you get into it, it’s difficult to quit.


Battlefront 2 is a sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront (2017)

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 multiplayer screenshot

Thanks to beautiful visuals, engaging game modes, and a wide range of situations and troops drawn directly from the movies, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 remains the go-to video game for Star Wars enthusiasts.

The narrative mode is entertaining, but the game really excels when it comes to large-scale combat on contested planets and tight spacecraft corridors.

Classic shootouts, objective-based operations, space dogfighting, and even epic battles involving well-known fighters like Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Yoda, and Darth Vader are among the modes available.


Squadrons from Star Wars (2020)

Star Wars: Squadrons multiplayer game screenshot

Squadrons, a space warfare simulator set shortly after Return of the Jedi, is a more modern alternative for Star Wars enthusiasts.

It has the same jaw-dropping appearance as SW: Battlefront 2, but with significantly improved visuals and fantastic sound design that shouts “Star Wars.”

Even so, consider carefully before purchasing it.

It’s great, but the complex flying controls make the learning curve a bit high if you’ve never played an Ace Combat game before.


12. Remastered Castle Crashers (2015)

Castle Crashers Remastered multiplayer gameplay

Games have grown more durable than previous generations.

Classic games like Skyrim and GTAV are still on everyone’s minds and hard drives after a decade thanks to remasters and upgrades.

The game Castle Crashers is no exception.

Back in 2008, the game was a thrill, and the Xbox One HD Remaster is even better.

It not only looks fantastic, but it also includes a slew of small improvements to the online multiplayer experience. If there was ever a time to enjoy this thrilling beat-em-up with your friends, it’s now.


Red Dead Online (version 11) (2019)

Red Dead Online multiplayer game screenshot

Red Dead Online is the online multiplayer component of Rockstar’s highly acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2, and it has the same immersive gameplay and jaw-dropping visuals as the first game.

To put it another way, it’s GTA Online but with cowboys.

Whereas the main RDR2 storyline casts you as Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Online allows you to design your own cowboy outlaw to take on various missions and bounties.

If stealing trains and lying to the police becomes too much for you, you may enter the Showdown Series and compete against other players for prizes.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the tenth game in the Monster Hunter World series (2019)

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne multiplayer gameplay

With the release of Monster Hunter World in 2018, the popular Japanese franchise Monster Hunter finally made it big in the West.

The Iceborne expansion indicates that this game still has a lot of life left in it.

The game’s structure is similar to that of a single-player game, and missions may be completed alone — although this isn’t required.

You can always find other people to hunt with, and the more difficult the tasks get, the more you’ll need it.

Even if you’ve previously completed the campaign and are decked up in Elder Dragon gear, large-scale raid events like the Kulve Taroth Siege will be a blast.


Forza Horizon 4 is number nine (2018)

Forza Horizon 4 multiplayer Xbox One gameplay

Racing is one of the finest genres for multiplayer, and Forza Horizon 4 is the best Xbox One has to offer.

For one of the most exquisite virtual driving experiences ever, this beautiful racing simulator has struck the right balance between fun arcade controls and realistic handling.

Forza Horizon 4 is set in a stunning open environment where you’ll encounter other players searching for their next adventure.

It’s entertaining to watch other players’ antics, but you can also join a party, compete in races, and more.


Rocket League (number 8) (2016)

Rocket League multiplayer game screenshot

Realistic racing games have never been my strong suit.

I fire up Rocket League whenever I’m in the mood for some high-octane action.

That isn’t to suggest Rocket League is simple.

Sure, you can hop into a game against novices and have a good time laughing at how six people miss the same ball over and over again – but as you progress in rank, you’ll need to sharpen your abilities quickly.

Friendly games versus friends are usually a good way to practice.

Alternatively, you may play co-op with a competent buddy to achieve your objectives while you focus on obtaining better vehicle aesthetics.


7. It Requires Two (2024)

It Takes Two multiplayer / Xbox One

We don’t always want to play with strangers online.

A lovely co-op journey like It Takes Two is the way to go if you’re looking for a method to spend time with a loved one who lives far away.

Every level in this innovative platformer breaks genre limits by introducing new gameplay elements. It’s meant to reflect the obstacles individuals face in maintaining good relationships, so each chapter offers a new difficulty.

Instead of improving your gaming skills, you and your spouse must learn to communicate effectively and work together in every circumstance, much like successful couples (and friends) do in real life.


Grand Theft Auto Online is the sixth game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise (2014)

Grand Theft Auto Online game screenshot

GTA Online has long been a mainstay of multiplayer gaming, and it will continue to be so until Grand Theft Auto VI is released.

This game is about having the freedom to dress whatever you want, drive however you want, and wreck as much havoc as you want.

After creating your own criminal, you may enter San Andreas with up to seven pals (or randoms) to complete tasks, explore the city, and generally wreak havoc.

It continues to get regular updates, which add to the already enormous amount of material accessible.

It’s never been a better time to play Grand Theft Auto Online.


5. Rainbow Six Siege by Tom Clancy (2015)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Xbox One gameplay

It’s always fun to aimlessly shoot each other in Call of Duty or Fortnite, but some individuals prefer the stress of simulated military operations to open warfare.

Rainbow Six Siege is a strategic game as opposed to a shooter. There are a lot of weapons and attachments to choose from, and gunplay is important, but it’s the meticulous, well-executed operations that will get you to victory.

To win in modes like Hostage, Bomb, and Secure Area, you’ll need to master equipment like drones, deployable cover, and explosives.

For best realism, I suggest Tactical Realism, which disables your HUD and everything else you wouldn’t see in the actual world.


Call of Duty: Warzone is the fourth game in the Call of Duty series (2020)

Call of Duty: Warzone multiplayer game screenshot

Warzone is a fantastic bridge between traditional CoD’s lightning-fast action and more tactical games like Rainbow Six Siege.

While not as stressful as rescuing hostages from terrorists, searching the area with your squad for the proper equipment takes some planning.

You’ll be thrust into high-octane team shootouts where fast thinking, a thorough knowledge of your 3D surroundings, and efficient communication may be the difference between life and death.

Whether you play alone, with a buddy, or in a four-player squad, there’s much to enjoy in this battle royale.


Sea of Thieves is the third installment in the Sea of Thieves series (2018)

Sea of Thieves Xbox One gameplay

Avast ye!

Is that a lovely open-world pirate adventure that I see out in the distance? So, let’s see what happens!

I think I’ve discovered the greatest pirate game on the Xbox One ever.

Sea of Thieves allows you and your buddies to command your own pirate ship and go on hazardous voyages in search of loot and treasure to stockpile in your clothing, weapons, and ship.

What makes Sea of Thieves so excellent is its emphasis on immersion.

It’s not only about the treasure; it’s also about fishing, dancing over a campfire with your pals, and experiencing the freedom of the seven seas.


Apex Legends is the second game (2019)

Apex Legends multiplayer game screenshot

Apex Legends: Titanfall 2’s unique battle royale spin-off is one of the fastest-growing hero-based shooters.

Apex Legends may have begun as a side project of Titanfall’s main game, but it has grown to a level of popularity that no Titanfall game has ever seen before.

That’s due in part to its own personality and the endearing Legends we get to play as.

Just remember that this combat royale isn’t going to hold your hand at any time, and there’s a lot to understand between character skills, weaponry, and attachments.

It takes time, but it is well worth the effort.


1. The Master Chief Collection (Halo) (2014)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection multiplayer gameplay

This is a rating for Xbox One.

So it’s only fair that the top slot goes to a Microsoft exclusive.

During the 2000s, Halo was the series that established the Xbox brand and made Microsoft machines competitive.

The original four Halo titles, as well as Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach, are now available in a stunning 60fps remastered bundle.

More significantly, you’ll be able to play on over 120 multiplayer maps from each game.

The Master Chief Collection will keep you occupied for a long time, or at least until you pick up Halo Infinite, thanks to its incredible range of maps and game types.

The best online multiplayer games xbox one is a list of the best online multiplayer Xbox One games that are currently available. The list includes ranked titles and alphabetical order. Reference: best online multiplayer games xbox one 2024.

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