The World Loot Pool Is An Outdated Concept – There Are A Bevy Of Ways To Fix

The world loot pool is a system in which players can collect items for their character to use. It was introduced into the gaming industry with the release of EverQuest and World of Warcraft. The concept has been popularized by games like Borderlands, Guild Wars 2, and Elder Scrolls Online because it lets anyone enjoy the same content without paying an arm and a leg for extra gear or skill points. But these systems are outdated as they don’t allow everyone to have access to every item in-game.

The “legendary engram loot pool 2024” is a concept that has been outdated for some time. There are a bevy of ways to fix it and make the game more enjoyable for players.

The global treasure pool was created since everything had reached sunset and there were few weapons left to warrant special vanguard/crucible prizes and such. That, however, is no longer the case. We now have so many weapons that the global treasure pool has become so bloated that anything from beyond light or earlier is impossibly uncommon. Outside of curated rolls sold by banshee & xur once in a blue moon, false promises, hollow words, falling guillotine, timeline’s vertex, true prophecy, interference VI, stars in shadow, seventh seraph cqc, xenoclast IV, distant tumulus, and ikelos smg (among other things) are all pretty hard to come by. Last season, I was fortunate enough to get a 4th times + vorpal braytech werewolf, as well as a subsistence + swashbuckler false promises, but what about all the people who will join the game once the Festival of the Lost is over? If they want to go into content with barrier champions at long range, what AR will they choose for their kinetic slot? Braytech’s werewolf will be gone, as will the horror story’s extreme zoom scope. What are they supposed to do if they can’t obtain false promises? I’ve come up with a few options.

destiny2 8 - The world loot pool is an outdated concept there are a bevy of ways to fix

  1. Using fresh money, add umbral focusing to additional weapons. Because you may roll for weapons from the past three seasons utilizing focuses obtained in the season of the lost, this is already a solution that has been applied to some degree in both this season and last season. There’s no reason why you couldn’t use parallax since it’s a really general item that you can obtain virtually anyplace. The opportunity to roll for so many different weapons is one of the reasons that made Season of the Splicer focused so fantastic. Season of the selected weapons like cartesian coordinate and retrofuturist, as well as revisited fwc weapons like memory interdict and stochastic variable. With red dot micro off splicer focusing, I obtained my vorpal cartesian. Off splicer focussing, I got my ff mkc stochastic. I got my retrofuturist quickdraw snapshot sights from splicer focusing. It’s fantastic. There’s no reason why the reintroduced weapons like shepherd’s watch and scathelocke didn’t gain more attention this season. There’s no cause at all. No, data from while sunsetting was still in progress isn’t relevant, therefore don’t cite it.
  2. Only playlist exclusives should be rewarded in playlists. There are a sufficient number of crucible weapons to choose from. There’s no need to use the global treasure pool as well. The keening (sidearm), frozen orbit (sniper), stars in shadow (pulse), sorrow’s poetry (auto), and survivor’s epitaph (auto) are already available (hc). There’s enough to choose from. If this is still too little, add in a few more elements like wishbringer, steel sybil, and nature of the beast. The same goes for strikes and gambla. It’s much simpler for gambla since you can simply unsunset bygones and trust (which people have been requesting for a long time) and mix them in with ill omens to make a fairly great weapon core.
  3. Devrim and Failsafe should be rewarded with related rewards. These two were the identical merchants that were handing away some of the reissued items this season. Shepherd’s watch and scathelocke are examples. If these shops were functional and dished out specialized gear, the global loot pool would be concentrated significantly, preventing the witch queen content drop from further diluting it.

With ARs being the only legendary anti barrier weapons and no legendary fusions in the kinetic slot, this was already an issue with last season’s global treasure pool, but it’s grown considerably worse this season. With a lot of content (supposedly) coming in Witch Queen, it would benefit us to take a look at the status of the global loot pool and utilize this unusually extended season to improve on what we now have in order to better prepare for the future.

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  • “The global loot pool is an outmoded notion that can be fixed in a variety of ways” is a Destiny 2 post.

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The “destiny 2 world loot pool beyond light” is a topic that has been brought up multiple times. The idea of the world loot pool is an outdated concept, and there are many ways to fix it.

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