Please Fact Check/Criticize My Uber Smiter

Uber Smiter is a mobile game that has players take on the role of an Uber driver, picking up passengers who are looking for rides at various locations. The player’s goal is to get as many people to their destination in under 30 minutes. Players earn points based off how long they complete missions without crashing or hitting any pedestrians–and even more money if they’re able to get it done fast enough!

The “D2 itd” is a popular meme that has been going around for a while. The “Please fact check/criticize my Uber Smiter” is another one of these memes.

I’m intending on respeccing a pally into an Uber Smiter. I did hammers mainly to level up, but I already have a superior MF toon in my sorc (though I could change my mind if I ever decide to trade for an enigma). I’m thinking about doing this build since I already have most of the items mentioned below and the rest won’t be too expensive. I know Last Wish is superior, but I don’t want to pay so much money. As someone who has never made a Smiter before, I want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything apparent to others who are more familiar with the construct. When conducting group CS/baal runs, I’m going with conviction since it appears to be more beneficial to other players. It also lets me to utilize less expensive gear since I won’t have to stack resistance as much as I would if I went the salvation path. If I don’t require a body slot for smoke, I may use GA, which has a large impact in incoming damage because to its +to max resist.

diablo10 - Please fact check/criticize my Uber Smiter


  • flail in black
  • dracs
  • guillame’s expression
  • angel of protection (plus a treachery for prebuff only)
  • ammy’s eyes are cats
  • The royal shield has 34 all-res base and 4 p Diamonds for a total of 110 resist.
  • Tgods sash
  • toe of the goblin
  • Ravenfrost
  • Star of the dwarfs
  • Switch weapons: life wand/pally shield with spirit


  • 20 conviction (with +skill, meph’s conviction aura is nullified)
  • 20 Sacred Shield
  • 20 Fanat
  • 10 fire resistance (for the passive + maximum boost)
  • 10 cold resistance (for the passive +max boost)
  • Smite 5+
  • Prerequisites 12 (Might, Blessed Aim, Concentration, Might, Thorns, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, Sanctuary, Holy Bolt, Charge, Blessed Hammer)

So I’m at level 86, and I’ve completed all of my skill tasks.

This should enough for the following:

  • Poison resistance is 90% and lightning/fire/cold resistance is 95%.
  • absorb +20 lite
  • 15% of the fire is absorbed.
  • 20% of cold absorbent
  • When employing fanat, a 6 frame smite attack is used, and an 8 frame smite attack is used when using conviction against Meph.
  • a complete and total crushing blow
  • 2 unused helm/body sockets
  • Only +1 abilities are available.

Now for the real questions

  1. Will the Royal Shield’s smite damage be enough to keep me alive while using Life Tap? I could reduce the cold and/or fire resistances and put those points into smite if necessary, but even then, I’m only up another 30% or so. Are these figures sufficient, or do I want a more powerful foundation shield? I might utilize that barrier to clean out my spirit, which is encased in a holy rondache.
  2. What value does a teleport charge item like Naj’s Puzzler have? According to the footage I’ve seen, the mini ubers’ most difficult aspects seem to be getting to Izzy and Lilith. Is it possible for a smiter to fight/charge their way there? I understand it will take longer, but for ultra runs, I’m not too worried about play pace as long as it’s appropriate.
  3. What should I put in my helm’s/socket? body’s I could place 15ias jewels in there to make room for something with +2 skills or other relevant stats in my ammy slot. Are there any gems that aid with smite damage?
  4. I’d have practically no +mana here if Smite wasn’t a flat 2 mana cost. On the other hand, I’ll be striking it at a rate of 4+ times per second. I’m aware that I’ll have to drink some mana pots, but should I be concerned? Is there a problem with mana for smiters?


  • Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

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For the game Diablo 3, write “Please fact check/criticize my Uber Smiter.”

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