New World Armoring Leveling Guide (0-200)

This is a guide to help you level up your new world armoring in the quickest and easiest way possible.

The new world armoring leveling guide reddit is a guide that can help players level up their characters in the game.

New World Armoring Leveling Guide

Armoring is one of the more unusual crafting talents in New World since it can be leveled at both the Forge and the Outfitting Station. At the Outfitting Station, you can make light and medium armor, while at the Forge, you can make heavy armor. If you’re new to this talent, you may be surprised to learn that it’s going to be a lot of work. We’ll go through the most effective method to level the Armoring skill in our New World Armoring leveling tutorial.

What kind of resources you prefer to harvest or have in excess determines the most effective method to level Armoring. Using our Harvesting and Skinning instructions, I’ve discovered that growing hemp and leather is the ideal way. You may start leveling Armoring in New World after you’ve completely stocked up on those goods.

Leveling Guide for New World Armor

The most efficient method to level Armoring is to go to the Outfitting Station and make Shoes made of linen or Boots made of coarse leather. We chose these two things because they provide the greatest experience per dollar spent on resources.

The recipes for the two dishes are as follows:

  • Coarse Leather Boots
    • x5 coarse leather
    • Linen x3
    • 1 x Iron Ingot
    • Tier 2 Outfitting Station
    • Lv. 0 Armoring Skill
    • Armoring +108
  • Linen Shoes
    • Linen x5
    • 3 x Coarse Leather
    • 1 x Iron Ingot
    • Tier 2 Outfitting Station
    • Lv. 0 Armoring Skill
    • Armoring +108

Each of these things gives you a +108 Armoring bonus, which means you’ll need to make a lot of them. Nobody will want to purchase these low-tier goods at the Trading Post, so you’ll end up salvaging them all. You’ll receive some linen back for each one, which you may reuse to create more.

Unless you have an excess of resources or discover an item in great demand on the Trading Post, crafting additional things is usually not worth it. In that scenario, you may create such products and earn money to help finance your armoring efforts.

As your armoring ability improves, the boots in the Outfitting Station scale up, thus you’ll be able to progress and create these over time:

  • Shoes made of sateen
    • x5 Tier 3 Cloth (Sateen)
    • 3 pairs of leathers
    • x1 metals
    • Tier 3 Outfitting Station
    • Lv. 50 Armoring Skill
    • Armoring +270
  • Shoes made of silk
    • Cloth (tier 4) x5 (Silk)
    • 3 pairs of leathers
    • x1 metals
    • Tier 4 Outfitting Station
    • Lv. 100 Armoring Skill
    • Armoring +675

Level 0-100 in New World Armoring

You’ll need 97,375 XP to reach armoring level 100, which is a goal for many players who wish to make the Tier IV Layered Leather Bag. This equates to about 902 pairs of Linen Shoes or Coarse Leather Boots (108 Armoring per piece). To get your armoring from 0-100, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Rawhide or Fibers: 18,040
  • Rawhide or Fibers: 10,824
  • 902 Ingots of Iron

Because you will be salvaging all of these created goods and getting 1-2 Linen or Leather materials back each item, your total raw materials cost will be somewhat lower.

It’s worth noting that you won’t need to make these two things solely. The best leveling technique is determined by a few factors:

  • Do you play with a group of buddies who can pool resources?
  • Are you a bag maker for your business or group?
  • Do you have a large amount of gold that you can spend to buy materials?

Bags and Town Project Board tasks both give a lot of Armoring skill, reducing the amount of Linen Shoes or Coarse Leather Boots you’ll need to produce to reach Armoring level 100.

We avoid performing this procedure at the Forge since iron is one of the more difficult components to get for leveling armoring. If you need assistance locating excellent farming areas, check out our advice on where to get Iron.

Armoring Level 100-200 in the New World

When you achieve Armoring level 100, you have the option of continuing to make higher grade Light and Medium armor or moving on to the Forge’s metal goods. Because there is less rivalry for Starmetal at this stage in the game, farming it is considerably easier. Again, we advise you to make your own footwear.

  • Boots with Starmetal Plates
    • x5 Starmetal Ingot
    • 3 x Coarse Leather
    • Linen x1
    • Tier 4 Forge
    • Lv. 100 Armoring Skill
    • Armoring +675

It’s time to move on to Plate Boots of Orichalcum after you’ve reached Armoring level 150.

  • Orichalcum Plate Boots
    • x5 Orichalcum Ingot
    • 3 x Coarse Leather
    • Linen x1
    • Tier 5 Forge
    • Lv. 150 Armoring Skill
    • +1395 Armoring +1395 Armoring +1395 Armoring +

In New World, you’ll need 1,784,050 XP to go from Armoring level 100 to 200. You’ll need 600 pairs of Starmetal Plate Boots and 989 pairs of Orichalcum Plate Boots to complete the quest. Again, this is assuming you just make footwear, which is unlikely. To earn a lot of armoring XP, you’ll probably be doing a lot of narrative tasks, Town Project Board missions, and manufacturing many other things. That implies you won’t need to make nearly as many boots to reach the maximum level of Armoring.

Along the way, you may craft some strong green and blue artifacts that give anything from 2,000 to 5,000 XP each piece.

Influencing the Armoring Gear Score in the New World

In New World, you’ll need main and secondary components for each thing you make. Secondary components, such as Coarse Leather, Rugged Leather, or Shifthide, enable you to select between common and uncommon materials. The potential gear score will be higher if rare materials are used.

Take, for example, the above example. Using minimal resources, the picture on the left indicates a possible gear score of 225-275. However, if we replace the metal with Voidmetal, a rare metal, the gear score rises to 235-280. The more rare things you utilize, the higher your total potential gear score will be, thus we could make it even higher if we have Rare Leathers or Epic Metals.

The object you make as a consequence may be anywhere in that range, and it’s entirely random. You may utilize unique resources to modify those modifications and add Azoth to add perks. In addition, the greater your total Armoring skill level, the better your gear score. Hovering your cursor over the meter underneath the gear score numbers explains the idea.

The same principles apply to all New World making talents, not only Armoring. It’s something to remember when you progress through the skill levels and begin creating Epic and Legendary items!

This ends our leveling guide for New World Armoring! I hope this information is useful to any adventurers seeking to improve their Armoring skill. More relevant material, tutorials, and builds may be found in our New World area.

The new world power leveling guide reddit is a website that has been created to help players level up their new World of Warcraft characters. It provides a step-by-step leveling guide for players on how to level from 0 to 200 in the game.

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