Battlefield 2042 was suppose to be a F2P battle-royal and that explains a lot its problems.

In a genre that is dominated by free-to-play games, Battlefield 2042 was suppose to be the next big thing. However, it quickly became one of EA’s biggest failures and was eventually removed from all digital storefronts.

Battlefield 2042 was suppose to be a F2P battle-royal and that explains a lot its problems.

Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 2042 was suppose to be a F2P battle-royal and that explains a lot its problems.

This is a major hypothesis of mine, and at this point, I’m 99 percent certain.

1. Experts as evidence The switch from classes to specialists was made solely for the purpose of making specialists function better in a combat system. Consider Apex Legends. This also explains why they would have offered “unique” class skills as characters instead than utilizing classes.

This also explains why all sides’ team models are identical, making it difficult to determine who is a buddy.

  1. System of attachment. In a battle-royal, the conventional attachment method simply does not function. They would have converted it to this + system so you could discover attachments on the fly and switch between them fast.

  2. Revive. This was the one that clinched it for me. Why would you want to switch to a system that is so obviously inferior? Because it’s ineffective in a combat royale. They introduced the strange ability for anybody to resurrect anyone else. I’ve resurrected as both the Russian and the Ghille guy many times. However, the technique of approaching a teammate and progressively rezzing them is used by every single battle-royal, but not on any battlefield. This was included to balance it out as a battle-royal.

  3. The game has a large skybox, a map, and sophisticated parachute mechanisms. Like every battle-royal, you were meant to flee. They required a sophisticated parachute-movement mechanism that had never been seen in a battlefield game before to make it realistic. We’ve all seen footage of people putting the ridiculously large skybox and map limitations to the test. Each of the “areas” shouts to me that they were intended to be loot spawning.

Someone also stated that the Ospreys’ interiors are completely modeled and feature collision.

  1. B-Hopping and Double-Sprinting are two different types of sprinting. When you leap in the majority of battlefield games, you will slow down. This is intended to prevent B-Hopping, but it isn’t included in this game since the developers wanted to encourage fast-paced running and bullet dodging to get behind cover. This also explains the double-sprint, since they anticipated people exploring large areas of the map.

This isn’t EA’s first effort at a Battle-Royal game (I.E. Firestorm), but what fascinates me is what occurred afterwards. They most likely learned from Firestorm’s mistakes and shifted gears significantly late in production, after several of the maps were completed. This explains the map’s lack of focus. Nonetheless, I have a hypothesis. They watched battle-royal fail and decided to investigate the next trend, which is squad-based survival, similar to Escape from Tarkov.

Ex-Pats vs. Nations is a game in which players explore vast areas for goods and then flee. That’s precisely what occurs in Irish’s trailer.

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“Battlefield 2042 was supposed to be an F2P battle-royal, which explains a lot of its issues.” is a post for the game Battlefield 5.

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Battlefield 2042 was suppose to be a F2P battle-royal and that explains a lot its problems. The game had many bugs, glitches, and other issues which led to it being pulled from the app store. Reference: battlefield 2042 no-pats reddit.

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