Is Just Dance 2024 Worth It? – Hands-on Impressions

In 2018, Ubisoft unveiled Just Dance 2024. Many critics said it was a terrible idea that would kill the franchise and take away from other games in the series. Still, others saw potential for success with this digital download title – especially if you’re looking to get a group of friends together on a Friday night to dance your heart out while laughing at how bad everyone else is doing. I decided to give this game a try myself before making my decision – did I regret it?

Just Dance 2024 is Just Dance 2019 with a new set of songs, released to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. The question has been posed many times-should you buy it? We’ve put in our hands-on impressions for this edition and offer some thoughts on whether or not the extra cash spent will be worth it for your dance routine.

Just Dance 2024 is a game that has been released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This article will be about my experience playing Just Dance 2024 on the Nintendo Switch.

Every Christmas season, a new Just Dance game is released, and although it’s a fun game to play with your family, the series may get sterile after a time. Just Dance 2024, thankfully, manages to lift the ante with some incredible choreography, a fantastic song selection, and breathtaking MTV-worthy visuals.

You follow the actions of the dancers on screen in Just Dance 2024, and it captures the correct hand for your scores no matter what controller input you use. Anyone with a phone, motion controller, or specialized console camera may play the game now. There is, however, one limitation to this. As I played Just Dance 2024, I saw that the game’s score was incredibly liberal. On my first attempt, I was obtaining the highest score in the game, Megastar, song after song. It might be because I’m a fantastic dancer (as an overweight person, I doubt it), but I felt like I wasn’t deserving of a Perfect grade at times.

Despite the scoring system being as nice as a slacker teacher handing out A’s like candy, the choreography in Just Dance 2024 has certainly stepped up to the plate. I was having a fantastic time jumping about and working up a decent sweat with each song I tried. It’s simpler to follow than previous Just Dance games, and the markings on the bottom right of the screen are more easily discernible at a look. Unless the songs are really challenging, Just Dance 2024 achieves the tricky balance of generating a music that is both simple to follow for casual gamers and complicated enough for a more serious dancer.


For instance, 24kGoldn Ft. iaan dior’s “Mood” develops a series of dancing actions that may be connected together towards the song’s finish. You’ll feel relaxed while following the stages, and you’ll be pleased when everything comes together.

In addition, the music selection should be commended. It’s not full of nonsense like a sluggish Disney tune or childish music that would irritate parents. Instead, it has a number of good dance music that will get you up and moving. Official choreography is also featured, such as Shakira and the Black Eyed Peas’ “Girl Like Me” and K/DA, Madison Beer, (G) I-DLE ft. Jaira Burns’ “POP/STARS.” We’ll attempt to forgive Ubisoft for adding El Chombo’s “Chacarron” as an exception.

Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” is a standout because it conveys a tale via dancing. The protagonist is timid at start, but as she encounters cameo dancers from previous games, she gains confidence. It’s appropriate for the song’s tone, as she attempts to let her hair down in a party situation. Dancing is a great way to lift your spirits, and this choreography achieves just that.

When it comes to dancing videos, Ubisoft has raised the ante. They’re starting to resemble music videos. With innovative backdrops and camera movements, the visuals are outstanding. There’s a magnificent outer space backdrop packed with asteroids, shattered metal, and loads of color in The Weeknd & Ariana Grande’s “Save Your Tears (Remix).” As the protagonists stare down on the camera, “Mood” gets up up and personal with some bright images. Just Dance 2024 also experiments with active camera work on Skarlett Klaw’s “Boss Witch,” zooming in and out of the action. On a relatively worn property, Ubisoft has shown its creative prowess.

Is-Just-Dance-2022-worth-it-Hands-on-impressionsScreenshot courtesy of Just Dance YouTube

It also includes some nice CG animated sequences that give the tunes even more personality. Daoi Freyr has created an animated elf that seems to be based on the movie Arthur Christmas. The dance is cute and goofy, reflecting the character’s clumsy yet upbeat personality. The backdrop of “Girl Like Me” is mainly influenced by the original music video, and it has a wonderful effect with phantom creatures repeating the dances.

Just Dance 2024 is a game that you should acquire this year. Almost every song in this game is a hit, and the new animations in each song are fun to see. Ubisoft has shown its ability to innovate and breathe fresh life into a stale genre.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you get good at dancing by playing just dance?

Will Just Dance Unlimited include 2024?

A: Unfortunately, no. Just Dance Unlimited is only compatible with the consoles listed on this website. For more information about which consoles are included, please go to https://www.justdancegameupdatesite2u3x7nf5bkbjjdjcjgmkw6mqo1h0t8rpjp4grmyjp9989s91wsrtczkybyufytuvtztczdbet

What time does Just Dance 2024 come out?

A: Just Dance 2024 will come out on December 24, 2024.

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