GW2 Veterans Warning for New Players

There are many players in GW2. But when one player starts to play, they may find it difficult because the game has so much content. The newbie zones can be confusing but veterans have made that easier by creating a page on their guild website with everything needed for newcomers to learn the ropes and join them in PvE or PvP action.

New players to GW2 have a lot to learn. They need guidance on how the game works and other tips for playing better, but veteran players can be really toxic when it comes to helping newbies. What is wrong with one-time help from veterans? How do we encourage more positive interactions between beginners and experts?

The “new world inspect player” is a command that allows players to see the stats of new world. It’s not meant for veteran players, but rather for new ones.


When people talk about alternative games to play, they frequently mention GW2. I’ve seen that they typically do this from the viewpoint of new players, and I won’t deny that GW2 has a lot of positive elements. (map design, mounts, b2p, leaping puzzle), but as someone who played it from 2012 to 2015, and intermittently for 1-2 months after each expansion release after then, I have my complaints. Here’s a word of caution to any gamers that desire to put more time into World of Warcraft and play it beyond level 80:

  • Interacting with others is not possible in farm trains or meta events due to social elements (such as housing and emotes); there is no community, just hollow and superficial exchanges. Lack of cooperative gameplay in core gameloop, the best they can do is attack the same mob as you, revive you when you’re down, or say thank you when you revive them (95 percent of my community interaction, there’s no opportunity for talking or friendmaking because everyone is on the efficiency map farming train), guilds also suck, there are no real expanded guild features, and even guild halls feel hollow; guilds also suck, there are no real expanded guild features, and even guild halls feel hollow (also guild currency LUL)
  • Gemshop pay for convenience means inconvenience, which is just as bad as p2w (developers make the game worse to incentivize you to pay for the QoL), gemshop fashion always outperforms normal fashion, and they monetize every game aspect (why are there no in-game mountskin? ), and art direction and style suffer as a result of the flashy and over-the-top gemstore content.
  • Characters that I once liked get flanderized (everyone becomes snarky in PoF, constant pity bait from taimi, whose character I actually liked at the start until she became taimi ex machina, also everytime marjory and kashmeere are on the same screen it immediately feels like the player is the third wheel while they sort out their relationship or flirt around), story sucks
  • There is no long-term character development (rewards suck)
  • The features are begun, but they aren’t finished or even completed (raids, dungeon, wvw, pvp)
  • Everything is just there to reward you with accomplishment points and money that you can swap for gems.
  • There is no difficulty slider (its way too easy in story and open world and too hard to get into raids, raids themselves ar also not that difficult compared to other mmos, but the community focused on it is super elitist)
  • In solo content, combat is good; in party content, it is bad; boon stacking is required; there are no ranged classes because everyone must stack; they say there is no trinity, but groups still gravitate toward it when they can; and there are also broken classes, such as the firebrand and revenant, which provide far too much utility and boons.
  • An emotional issue is that it is not GW1, there is no attention on pvp, and pvp in GW2 stinks, while GW1 had over 1000 abilities and hundreds of builds, as well as plenty of pvp modes. This is a slap in the face to fans who loved pvp in GW1 and expected GW2 to put the same level of effort into it as GW1.
  • Old content is forgotten and used only for levels or fashion (see dungeons and old metamaps events), and new seasons seem as though they invalidate previous ones; you can’t even play season 1 anymore.
  • Everything is on a timer, 7 tabs of daily + weeklies, and although some argue you only get little prizes from it, it seems horrible to have it hanging in front of you, especially because some of the awards you need again due to ridiculous materail requirements for certain items and also money (to covnert to gems)
  • You’re being bombarded with far too many items (that you can immediately salvage) and map-specific currency, both of which take up bag and bankspace (forcing you to visit the gemshop to buy more space), obfuscating the problem and selling you the solution. Currency amount and variety are gacha mobile game levels of obfuscation.
  • People claim Guild Wars 2 is a gorgeous game, however 90% of the time you want to play on the lowest level since GW2 can’t handle more than 10 players spamming spells on screen.
  • The devs are broke, the authors don’t appear to know what they’re doing most of the time, there have been several layoffs, important professionals have left the firm, Arenanet employees are working on non-GW2 projects, there is no confidence in the studio, and we’ve had frequent content droughts (mode specific and general)
  • GW2 is terrible at marketing, and since the debut video for Heart of Thorns, there hasn’t been a nice game promotion trailer. They also ignore YouTube and Twitch. The game is enjoyable at first (which is why I believe so many people suggest it), but the longer you play it, the worse it becomes.
  • Beginner Players’ Resources
  • I’m feeling unusually kind, so I decided to compile a list of resources for all the new gamers out there in one place. So, without further ado, here’s a lot of things for you guys, arranged somewhat: All races/general purpose tutorials
  • For seasoned and new level 100+ players, the game need an endgame.
  • In all honesty, now that legendary crafting and PA are a thing, it’s a lot simpler to try to grab what we want in a certain pool of loot, which is great! IF YOU WANT A RAIDER RIGHT LEG, GONE ARE THE DAYS WHERE YOU HAD TO HOPE THAT A LEGENDARY ENEMY WOULD GIVE YOU ONE, LET…
  • GW2’s deplorable condition
  • Although many people endorse GW2, take the following in mind if you decide to plunge in: 1 raid every year, abandoned CMs (challenge mode), Siren’s Reef is a hot steaming pile of shite, (the new fractals) garbage maps (albeit credit where credit is due), Maps that…

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