How to Play Final Fantasy XIV for Free

Final Fantasy XIV is a popular MMO where players can take part in adventures with friends and complete quests to advance the story. However, one thing that some people don’t like about Final Fantasy XIV is how much time it takes to level up. Fortunately, there are several ways you can play for free without having to spend actual money!

Final Fantasy XIV is a popular MMORPG that requires a monthly subscription. If you’re interested in playing the game for free, there’s still a way to do it. The “final fantasy xiv free trial” allows players to play the game without paying anything up front.

Along with World of Warcraft and, I’m sure there are others, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the only MMOs that still charges a monthly membership fee. To put it another way, if you want to get the most out of the game, you’ll have to pay the monthly cost. Final Fantasy XIV, like World of Warcraft, allows you to play for free with certain restrictions. Unlike WoW, the free trial is really rather generous, allowing you to experience the majority of the game without ever needing to subscribe.

A Word to the Wise for Those Who Have Already Bought the Base Game

You’ll have to start again, bruh. To play the free trial, you’ll need to create a new Square Enix account, and you won’t be able to return if you upgrade from the free trial. As a result, bear it in mind. The good thing is that inactive accounts may return to FFXIV for free at any time, so if you want to play your prior character for free, you’ll have to wait until a free play period. Aside than that, it’s a fresh new account.

How to Get Free Final Fantasy XIV

The FFXIV Free Trial, for starters, is a totally limitless free trial that includes the first two expansions’ worth of content. So it’s extremely easy to play for free. Register to play the game after downloading it to your PC or PS4/PS5. You may play for free after you’ve registered. The PC version is available via Steam. The PS4/PS5 version may be found in the online shop under the title “Final Fantasy XIV Online Free Trial.”

That concludes our discussion. FFXIV is now available for free. Apart from registration for the game after it has downloaded, nothing more is necessary.

Owners of the PlayStation 5 should note that the PS5 Upgrade Edition is required; otherwise, the PS4 version will be downloaded.


Limitations of the FFXIV Free Trial

As a result, there are certain limits. You can generally receive but not transmit something that requires social interaction (linkshells and party). You can’t utilize the marketboard, trade, employ retainers, join, or start a business for free. Microtransactions are not an option. You can only have one character per server, and there is an eight-character restriction. To be fair, one character can complete practically all of the game’s material, with the exception of some of the beginner activities.

The words yell, scream, and tell are prohibited. This isn’t as significant as it once was since most conversations now take place outside of gaming platforms. With the free trial, you won’t be able to trade with anybody.

You have a 300,000 Gil cap, yet you can’t trade or utilize it on the market. If you need some assistance obtaining some, check out our FFXIV Gil Farming tutorial.

Upgrading from the Starter Edition to a Subscription in Final Fantasy XIV

The free trial does not apply to the beginning edition. The game is available in its entirety. For $19.99, you receive the contents of the free trial plus a 30-day free membership. You are able to… Start the trial and then upgrade to a paid membership to save $4.99.

The entire version, which includes the most recent expansions as well as a month of subscription service, is sometimes available for roughly $20. That is the most effective method of upgrading.

There are also advertising letters for free trial users who want to upgrade.

Subscription Plans for Final Fantasy XIV

The cost of the subscription plans is as follows:

  • $12.99: 1 character per globe, for a total of 8 characters.
  • $14.99: Each universe has eight characters, for a total of forty.
  • $12.99/month: Same as before, except you must pay for six months in advance.

Returning the FFXIV Free Trial to its original state

Once you subscribe or buy the starting version, you can’t go back to the trial.

On Upgrade, you may get a free trial character.

When you upgrade, you may maintain your free trial character(s).



Remember that if you upgrade and begin paying for the subscription, you will no longer be eligible for the free trial with that account.

You may upgrade your account by following any of the instructions to acquire a subscription.

Is it worthwhile to go through the trial?

Yes, for new players under the age of 60. The market and trade limits are practically meaningless since the game provides you with all of the necessary equipment. You can still utilize the duty finder and everything else, and you can upgrade if you commit to the game, reach level 60, and wish to continue playing to higher levels.

If you want to remain at that material indefinitely, go ahead and play for as long as it’s free. It’s worth noting that, since the game is free, it’s clearly worthwhile to give it a go.

The “ffxiv free trial restrictions” is a way to play Final Fantasy XIV for free. The game has a limited time trial that can be played for free.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I play Final Fantasy 14 for free?

A: Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription-based MMO game. You can play for free, if you have a PlayStation Plus membership and the Free Trial period has not expired yet.

Is ff14 free to play now?

A: This is not possible because it would be against the policy of Square Enix to let players play for free.

How long can you play ff14 for free?

A: The game has no subscription fees. If you purchase the game now, it will cost $14.99 USD for a one-time fee and can be played indefinitely without having to pay any additional costs or enter credit card information again

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