How to catch all Ancientscales in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a recent release by the developer, Rare Ltd. The game has been met with mixed reviews and high player attrition rates (surprising for such an early product). Following in line with its foundation as a pirate-themed open world PvP experience, Sea of Thieves looks to utilize itemization based on rarity and collectability to keep players engaged.

In “Sea of Thieves,” players can find the leeches in the water. The player must use a harpoon to catch them before they escape.

Along with Plentifins, Wildsplashes, and Devilfish, Ancientscales are one of four Regional fish species in Sea of Thieves. You must fish using Leeches inside the limits of The Ancient Isles, which is located in the southwest region of the map, to capture all five varieties of Ancientscales. Fish at The Finest Trading Post (coordinates F-17) or Stephen’s Spoils to sell your catch to The Hunter’s Call as soon as feasible (coordinates L-15). These are the only two Seaposts in The Ancient Isles, a region that is sealed off from the rest of the world at coordinates S-26 to the south and east.

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Wreckers, Battlegills, and Stormfish sell for more than Islehoppers, Pondies, and Splashtails, but less than Ancientscales. If you require Leeches, you may dig for them with your Shovel along any coastline or discover them in Barrels at random. Make sure you don’t fish inside an island’s title card if you want to capture just Splashtails and Ancientscales. This eliminates the possibility of Islehoppers. Finally, to reduce time and boost your chances of capturing uncommon species, we suggest fishing with a bigger group.

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Ancientscale Almond

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If you’re fishing for more than a few minutes, you’ll most certainly encounter the Almond Ancientscale, which is the base variation of Ancientscale. Though the water in The Ancient Isles is cleaner than in The Wilds, Almonds are readily mistaken for Ancientscale Smokes, particularly at night when the water is black. To prevent misunderstanding, look for an Almond with a pure-brown body and a brighter mouth. If required, adjust the brightness and display settings at night. At Seaposts, a single raw Almond Ancientscale costs 225 Gold.

Ancientscale Sapphire

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The Common variation of Ancientscale is the Sapphire Ancientscale. The Sapphire resembles an Indigo Splashtail in the seas of The Ancient Isles. Look for the Sapphire’s more intense blue hues to tell them apart. Its brighter, light-blue head is the greatest indicator. Because the Sapphire is so common, you should be able to find one within 10 to 15 casts (unless you’re unfortunate). At Seaposts, a single raw Sapphire Ancientscale costs 300 Gold.

Smoke Ancientscale

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Smoke Ancientscale is an Uncommon variety of Ancientscale, which means finding one may take some time. Don’t give up, however. If you’re fishing with Leeches in The Ancient Isles, it’s uncommon that you won’t see one within the first 40 minutes. As previously said, the Smoke appears eerily similar to the Almond, especially at night. Look at the contrast between the purplish-black hue of its body and the pink fins. If you can’t identify what you’re seeing at night after adjusting your in-game brightness settings and your display, you’ll have to guess or wait until the next day. At Seaposts, a single raw Smoke Ancientscale costs 375 Gold.

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Ancientscale Bone

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In Sea of Thieves, the Bone Ancientscale is a Rare variety of Ancientscale. While its albino color scheme (white body, pink fins, and pink eyes) makes it easy to see, it’s not always simple to locate. If you’re unlucky, you may go fishing with a crew of four and not see another person for two hours. It’s not that it doesn’t exist; it’s simply that it’s an uncommon sight. You’ll eventually locate one, but it’s ideal to go with a bigger group to boost your chances and expedite the process. The payoff is substantial: a single raw Bone Ancientscale sells for 3,000 Gold on Seaposts.

Ancientscale Starshine

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The Night variety of Ancientscale, the Starshine Ancientscale, is the final of the five types. It can only be caught at night, as the name implies. Its body shines lime green and yellow in the dark, so you shouldn’t have any problem seeing it. Its pinkish fins glisten as well. It’s important not to mix it up with a Seafoam Splashtail, which is a Night variety of Splashtail that glows a cooler, less bright green. At night, starshines should be pretty prevalent. Finding one shouldn’t take more than two night cycles, and that’s on the fortunate side. At Seaposts, a single raw Starshine Ancientscale costs 300 Gold.

Check Shipwreck Barrels, Barrels of Plenty, Skeleton Ship Food Barrels, Rowboat Chests, and Storage Crates for random fish if you’re having too much problems and want to do something else for a while.

In the “sea of thieves” there are many different types of fish. The “pondies bait” is a type of food that can be used to attract these fish. It can be bought from a shop or found in chests. Reference: sea of thieves pondies bait.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Ancientscales?

A: From the in-game store.

How do you farm Leeches in sea of thieves?

A: You can farm Leeches by going to a secluded area and using the cannon.

How do you catch rare fish in sea of thieves?

A: You must use a fishing rod to catch rare fish.

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