Guardians of the Galaxy Guardian Collectibles Guide – Where to Find All

Guardians of the Galaxy is back with an all-new movie. If you are looking to get your hands on some sweet new Guardians of the Galaxy collectibles, this article will help you find where they can be found in stores near you!

Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that has been released in theaters, and it has become one of Marvel’s most successful franchises. The Guardians are a group of protectors who are on Earth to stop an evil threat from destroying the galaxy. One of the biggest attractions for fans of this film is all the collectibles that come with it. This guide will show you where to find all the different items in the game. Read more in detail here: galaxy of the guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy Guardian Collectibles Guide

The Guardian Collectibles are one of the most common forms of collectibles in Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy. Guardian Collectibles are a variety of artifacts that may be found in various areas.

There are a total of 15 Guardian Collectibles concealed throughout the game’s chapters. However, you are not obliged to locate all of them in order to get the Thoughtful Captain trophy/achievement. You’ll get the prize if you collect half of them. Regardless, we’ve outlined all of the Guardian Collectibles in the game, as well as how to get them.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of superheroes that protect the Guide to Collectibles from the Guardian

All of the Guardian Collectibles, as well as where to locate them, are mentioned here.

Ravager Comm Bracelet is the first Guardian Collectible.

This item may be obtained in Chapter 1 when Rocket and Star-lord begin their wager. You must first enter the spacecraft before proceeding to the bottom level, where Rocket will discuss the ship’s cockpit. Crawl into the hole to fall down, which will start a cutscene. Crawl through another tight passage until you reach a little place with grey liquid in the midst of all the purple. You’ll locate the bracelet if you shoot it.

Spinal Control Unit (Guardian Collectible #2)

In the same Chapter 1, you’ll have to escape and find a way out of this area while explaining it to Drax after defeating the new opponent you’ll encounter after splitting from Groot and Rocket.

You must use the platforms made by the towers of old mining equipment and debris to reach the top level. The murky liquid gunk on the top level must be cleared up in order to disclose the item.

Broken Translation Device (Guardian Collectible #3)

When you’re following Nikki at Nikki’s Hideout in Chapter 2, walk to the console area with the three monitors. The gadget will be placed on the ground at this location.

Chitauri Sear-Cuffs (Guardian Collectible #4)

After defeating Slakebeast in Chapter 3, there will be a climbable wall that you may use Gamora’s ability to climb up immediately under the bridge. Turn around and gaze up at the reactor, which is still submerged in the murky sticky goo. Shoot it down, then use Drax to carry it across to the other side, where you’ll need to get to another high wall.

After climbing up, leap down to the right on the opposite side of the ground to reach the Sear-Cuffs.

Assassin’s Ring (Guardian Collectible #5)

When you uncover Lady Hellbender’s vault in Chapter 4, you’ll come to a place with a massive hole in the floor, where Star-Lord will discuss railings. Turn to the left and enter the first chamber to discover the Ring hidden behind some metal containers.

Cold Case File (Guardian Collectible #6)

When you need to restore power in Ko-reception Rel’s ship’s in Chapter 5, enter the control room and go left from the centre to discover it on the floor.

Collector’s Emporium Doll (Guardian Collectible #7)

Can be located in the Collector’s Emporium, but only after reciting the song to Lipless in the bar and receiving the ticket for this location. The doll is now available for purchase in the store.

Drax’s Rap Sheet (Guardian Collectible #8)

When you get to Chapter 7 of Hala’s Hope, you must unlock the door that requires Nikki’s key. You’ll arrive to a new region after shooting the grey liquid to open up a narrow passage. Turn around and gaze above to see where the murky liquid is holding boxes. This will clear the way for you to climb up. The item will be hidden under the right-hand yellow crates.

Galactic War Commendation (Guardian Collectible #9)

When you go to Ko-office Rel’s in Chapter 7, you’ll find it on the left. It’ll be hidden under a blue flag.

Deep Mine Device (Guardian Collectible #10)

When Rocket informs Star-Lord about the meeting place near the hull in Chapter 8, Following Rocket, climb the cylinder structure to reach the workbench area on top just before they turn left. The Device will be on the right side of this platform.

Mourning Candle (Guardian Collectible #11)

After defeating the Slakebeast, continue on this newly opened road with the gang, but turn left through the opening in the wall. Now, take the route to the left, hopping across to the rock platform and ascending up. Behind the blue gooey thing will be the Mourning Candle.

Meditation Stone (Guardian Collectible #12)

After you receive the Wind Shot and battle your way into the tunnels, you’ll see faces etched into the rocks, one of which has a bright highlight above its lips. It will open up the region behind it with the grey liquid if you shoot it. Shoot the liquid and proceed via this passage, which will lead you directly to the Stone, which is located slightly above the rest of the group.

Glarnot Mask (Guardian Collectible #13)

When you’re at the Marketplace in Chapter 12, you’ll come upon a part that has to be cleared out, followed by a passage that requires Gamora’s assistance. Turn left, where you’ll find more foes, and then leap down and slide down the railing. Green gas is pouring from the pipes front of you as you descend. Pick up the mask after clogging the pipe’s openings.

Xatar’s Blade is the fourteenth Guardian Collectible.

When you’re traversing the ice-covered rocky area in Chapter 13, Groot creates a route for the gang to traverse. On the main route, you’ll come to a climbable wall where you may use Gamora to ascend onto the platform and pick up the blade.

Deeproot Plant – Guardian Collectible #15

Deeproot Plant is the last Guardian Collectible, which can also be discovered in Chapter 13. After escaping the caverns, you’ll find yourself in a plant-filled landscape. The item will be on the stony floor to the right.

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