Crab Game All Game Mode List How To Play & Win All Game Easily

Have you ever wanted to play a game that will make your day? This is the perfect choice. It has all types of games and it’s simple to understand how they work. You can choose from five different modes: Crab Game 1, 2, 3 or 4 or 5 as well as Normal Mode which allows you for unlimited time on each level!

“Among Us” is a game mode in the “Crab Game”. It allows players to win all of the rounds and easily. Read more in detail here: among us modes.The Crab game is a first-person multiplayer game with nine separate mini-games inspired by Dani’s squid game. There will be a maximum of 40 people in a room who will compete against each other in nine distinct games, with the victor being the last person standing. You’ll find instructions on how to play each of the nine games, as well as a list of game modes, below.

Crab Game: All Game Modes & Instructions

crab game

Ice / Rock Path / Glass Window

To get to the opposite side of this game, you must cross a glass, ice, or rock platform. There is no need for players to go first based on a serial number. As a result, the majority of the players will be waiting to see who will go first. One of the platforms will be misaligned, and when you walk on it, it will shatter. By clicking the attack button, you may force other players onto the platform. Everyone will be eliminated if no one reaches the opposite platform within two minutes.

Turn off the lights

This game option in the crab game is similar to the lights out mode in the squid game, when players have weapons in the rest area and the light is turned out. You must join a team and protect yourself from other players. For a brief moment, the light will flicker, indicating the location of the other players. The players who are still alive at the conclusion of the time limit will be advanced to the next game.

Fish Game


This game is quite similar to the squid game’s green light red light. You must flee while the statue is not looking and remain still when it turns to face you. To win the game with this strategy, you must reach the finish line within the time limit.

Bomb / Pass The Stick

In this game style, you must use the attack button to transfer the stick or bomb to other players. To pass the stick or bomb, you must tag them by using the left mouse button. At the conclusion of the time limit in a pass the stick game, the players who are holding the stick will be eliminated. If the players who are holding the bomb are unable to pass it in the pass the bomb game, the device will detonate after a few seconds.

The Ground Is Made of Lava

You must leap over ice and rock platforms and remain there until the timer expires. The ice and rock platforms will shatter, and you will need to change platforms as a result. They will begin to wobble and melt before breaking, so keep a watch on whatever platform is breaking.

Hold On To Your Hat

To get a score in this game, you must hold the hat; those with low scores will be removed. Your screen will light golden if you are wearing a hat. To take a hat from another player, you must strike them when they are wearing one. In the same way, if another player tags you while you’re holding the hat, they’ll take it.

Play a game of hide-and-seek with your friends


Depending on the amount of players still alive in the game, a few murderers will be picked, while others will be labeled as survivors. Survivors must hide from the assailants until the time limit expires. Killers must strike and eliminate the survivor. When a murderer kills the survivor, he or she transforms into the survivor.

The title of “King of the Hill” is a title that

The golden dome shield will be on the top section of the blocks; you must stand on the top within the shield to raise your score. Each participant will be issued a baseball bat with which to assault the other players. You will be bounced back and plummet from the top if you are struck by other players. Low-scoring players will be removed from the game. Climbing a ladder cannot be done while bouncing.

Tiles Should Be Painted

You’ll be separated into four groups, each of which must touch the tiles to alter their color to match the color of your team. The team with the fewest colored tiles will be eliminated at the conclusion of the time limit.