All Artaria Missile Tank expansion locations in Metroid Dread

The All Artaria Missile Tank is a new type of item in Metroid Dread, and it can be found on the map.

The All Artaria Missile Tank expansion locations in Metroid Dread is a list of all the possible locations where Energy Tanks can be found.

Since the original Metroid game, Samus Aran has had the Missile Launcher at her side, and Dread is no exception. You’ll get the ability to launch Missiles right away, but your ammunition supply will be limited. To boost it, you’ll need to locate Missile Tanks, which are plentiful across Artaria.

Missile Tanks are available in two types. The normal will increase your ammunition count by two shots, whereas Missile+ Tanks will increase it by ten. The first zone is where you’ll discover them all.

Missile Tank #1 [+2] | No prerequisites

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The first Tank from Dread is a must-have. The game will stop at the beginning to offer you some important information: if you notice a white flashing room on your map, it means there’s a secret object you haven’t found yet. When the game instructs you to do so, search for a cracked section of the rock wall to blast, then shoot the explosive sac concealed behind it. This will clear the way for your initial expansion.

Missile Tank #2 [+2] | No prerequisites

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After escaping the first EMMI Zone, look for the second Tank. To reach a set of platforms along a yellow-striped wall, go through the tunnel to the right. Climb them to the right to locate the Tank on a ledge.

Requirements: Missile Tank #3 [+2] Missile Tank #3 [+2] Missile Tank #3 [+2] Missile Tank #3 [+ None

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You’ll pass by the third Missile Tank as you slide down several sloping levels above the Artaria Map Station. Head right from the Map Station, up the platforms, and through the door on the left. Defeat (or avoid) the huge Muzby in the next chamber and exit via the other door. You’ll be on a ledge near the sloping floors from before, where you may pick up the Missile Tank.

Requirements: Missile Tank #4 [+2] | Missile Tank #4 [+2] Beam of Charge

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This is in the chamber immediately next to the Network Station in the EMMI Zone’s top-right corner. You can open the door on the top right of the station after you have the Charge Beam ability. Grab the Tank by sliding through the little opening in the next room.

#5 Missile Tank [+2] | No Requirements

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When you open the thermal doors in the area, you’ll notice this. A missile block is concealed just close to the mechanism that unlocks the doors. Blow it away, then shoot the door from this side (it can’t be opened from the other). To get the Missile Tank, exit the chamber to the east and loop around to the now-open entrance.

Missile Tank #6 [+2] | Spider Magnet is required.

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In the EMMI Zone’s center-east corner, there is a cluster of blue platforms. You can climb up the upper left side of the tunnel after you acquire the Spider Magnet ability. Shoot the Beam Blocks out of the way, then jump across to the upgrade ledge.

Missile Tank #7 [+2] | Spider Magnet is required.

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An Energy Recharge Station is located just south of the EMMI Zone. Go there and latch onto the left-hand wall with your new Spider Magnet. Climb up to the ledge, take a dip in the water, and then leap to the surface, where a Missile Tank awaits.

Missile Tank #8 [+2] | Morph Ball is required.

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This Missile Tank may be located right under Cataris’ Red Teleportal. Drop into the water and tuck into the compartment where it’s hidden using your Morph Ball ability.

Missile Tank #9 [+2] | Morph Ball is required.

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The top-right of the EMMI Zone and the highest of the two Network Stations form a tiny chamber. To reach there, enter the Station via the top-left entrance. To acquire another Missile Tank, use your Morph Ball to slide through the debris, leap up to the ledge, and then jump over the gap in Morph Ball form.

Missile Tank #10 [+2] | Charge Beam, Spider Magnet, Varia Suit are required.

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Head to the volcanic chamber linked to the Cataris elevator – it’s simpler to get to this Tank from that side. With a Charge Beam, open the door, then jump up to the Spider Magnet track on the ceiling. Drop just in time to collect the Missile Expansion, which lies on a tiny sloping platform.

Missile Tank #11 [+2] | Charge Beam, Spider Magnet, Varia Suit are required.

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Another volcanic chamber may be discovered slightly west of the last Missile Tank. Open the door with a Charge Beam once again and leap to the magnetic ceiling. Shoot the flying opponents as you monkey-bar to the left, since they may knock you into the lava below. You’ll finally reach the Expansion on a ledge at the far end of the area if you time your moves to avoid the occasional fire jets.

Missile Tank #12 [+2] | Speed Booster is required.

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A pair of Speed Booster Blocks are located at the summit of the EMMI Zone. Blow through them, but come to a halt just before the escape door. Drop through several Beam Blocks and retrieve the Missile Tanked lying under the pathway by shooting down.

This is a work-in-progress guide. Stay tuned for further information!

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