Age Of Empire 4 Tips & Tricks For Beginners & New Online Players

The Age of Empires series has been around for more than two decades! With the release of new games like Rise of Nations, fans are getting excited about what is to come next. Here’s some tips and tricks that will get you up on your A-game when playing Age Of Empire 4 today.

The “age of empires iv” is a strategy game that has been around for quite some time. It was released in 1997 and is still being played today. This article contains tips and tricks for beginners, as well as new players.

age of empire 4

Age Of Empire 4 is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game created by Relic Entertainment and published by World’s Edge. If you’re an old player, you’ve probably played AOE 2 or other RTS games like it. If you are new to this game, you will discover some helpful hints that will help you better grasp the game and quickly defeat your opponent. There are eight factions to select from in this game, and you must pick one before beginning a battle. Each side has its own set of advantages, and you must choose one that best matches your gaming style.

How To Break Through A Stone Wall And Seize In Age Of Empire 4?

The stone wall will be impenetrable to non-seize units. They can only cross or breach the walls by constructing seize towers or battering rams. To make this, you must first construct a blacksmithing structure, after which you must do significant engineering research.

You may fit up to 8 non-seize troops inside the seize tower, which you can then put beside the opponent’s stone wall. The non-seize troops will then assault your opponents from the top of the wall.

The battering ram can easily shatter stone walls; however, you must load it with non-seize troops; it may be as low as 0/16 and still assault the stone walls. You may also shatter the stone wall with the assistance of other seize vehicles. To access the town, try shattering the stone gate since it will leave a larger opening than destroying a stone wall.

Tips and Tricks for Age of Empire 4

Mines to scout and capture

In this game, there are four sorts of resources accessible. While food and wood are plentiful, stone and gold are plentiful. At the start of the game, every player on the map will strive to mine and gather as much stone and money as possible in order to improve their defense and soldiers. At first, you’ll need to employ your scout to discover all of the mines surrounding your village. Then attempt to cultivate the mines further away first, and save the mines closer to your community for later.

Quickly Grow Older

In this game, there are four ages to choose from, and you’ll need a lot of money and food to go rapidly through them. As you go through the eras, you will get access to stronger soldiers and research. I recommend gathering food and wealth as fast as possible at the start of the game to reach the Feudal age and obtain superior soldiers to defend against opponents.

Construct Houses

Building a home boosts your population, so you’ll need a good mix of builders and soldiers to protect the city from invaders. While you’ll need a large number of villagers to swiftly harvest resources at the start of the game, don’t forget to beef up your fortifications and raise your army numbers.

Construct a Resource Outpost

Having a resource outpost near a farming, collecting, or mining region may save people a lot of time and allow them to obtain resources rapidly. Mills are built in agricultural areas, whereas lumber yards are built near forests. These resource outposts also aid in the completion of research, which improves the collecting and movement pace of your villagers.

Seek out relics

Every faction has its own religious structure where religious soldiers may be raised. These soldiers offer your other military forces a boost while also healing them. Only the religious troop will be able to collect relics and return them to their religious edifice to increase their stats. They may also convert your opponent’s soldiers if they have a relic in their possession. Relics are strewn over the maps, and you’ll need to use a scout to find them.

Complete research as a top priority.

For diverse sorts of structures, numerous forms of study are accessible. There is research into capturing towers, increasing collecting, farming, or mining, and increasing the stats of military personnel, among other things. Depending on the situation, you must decide which research you must accomplish first in order to fast amass resources or boost military might.

Make use of the Trading Post.

You may sell your resource at the trading post with the soldier you got from the market. Trading stations may be found everywhere on the map, but you must first scout them out. This is one of the fastest methods to gain gold, and if you can’t locate a trading post, selling on the market is another option if you don’t have many other resources. However, bear in mind that if you continue to sell, the amount of gold you get will decrease.

Age of Empires 4 Online Tips for New Players

If you’ve previously had success with AI and want to test it out online against other people. You should be aware that you may come across some tough gamers who may easily beat you. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of succeeding in online battles if you practice the single-player campaign and master some advanced gaming tactics.

As soon as possible, scout the map.

Knowing the location of the settlement should be your first concern if you’re playing against other gamers. This manner, you can anticipate from which direction you will be attacked and prepare your defenses accordingly. Locate enemy colonies using your scout.

Construct fortifications

The online gamers will not be merciful and will attack you as soon as they reach Feudal age. To protect your town against them, you will need stronger walls and a larger military force. If your opponent’s military units are on foot, you may simply pursue and destroy them if you rapidly build some horsemen and horsemen with archers.

Locate the Holy Sites

To prevent the enemy from taking the holy places, you must rapidly find them with your scout. To prevent the opponent from winning the match, you must hold at least one holy location. Locate these holy places, construct some defensive structures, and station some soldiers there to protect them from other players.

Stop your adversary from amassing resources.

If you can reach the feudal age before your opponent at the start of the game, you will win. To prevent his people from acquiring resources, you may utilize more powerful soldiers. Continue to annoy your opponent, but don’t allow your men perish. To utilize this approach, you must first get a horseman, then assault his villages for a little time before retreating. To win the game, keep producing soldiers quicker than your opponent while blocking his resource generation, and finally assault a medium-sized army.

Learn how to use hotkeys and how to get the most out of your resource collecting

How fast you assign missions to your soldiers and construct them is one of the most crucial components of a real-time strategy game. Using hotkeys to rapidly assign jobs is the most efficient method. You will be able to obtain resources rapidly if you use this strategy. Make a note of whatever resource is about to run out and assign extra villagers to that task. Having an outpost nearby will save time by eliminating the need for locals to return to the town center to deposit resources.

Get to Know Your Troops

Some soldiers have an edge over others, and there are seizing vehicles that are employed to smash through barriers. You must micromanage these forces and assault your opponent in such a manner that you cause the most damage and destroy his troops as quickly as possible. You may give numbers to each soldier to micro-manage them. To assign a number, press Ctrl + the appropriate number on your keyboard. To remove the allocated number from your soldiers, selected all of them, then click on the vacant land and hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys ( the number you want to remove).


The “age of empires 4 tips and tricks for beginners & new online players” is a blog about the game Age Of Empires 4. It includes some helpful advice as well as links to other resources that might help you get started with the game. Reference: age of empires 4 civilizations reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get good at Age of Empires?

A: The best thing to do is look at the leaderboards of games like this, and see how each player was ranked prior to their mastery of the game. This will help you get an idea on what skills are important in order for someones performance to be great.

How do you win Age of Empires every time?

A: You start with a few villagers, some sheep or cows, and then you build up your villages to make them stronger. Once they are strong enough, you can take on the computer AI player in conquest mode. Whoever has more villages at games end wins!

What age of empire is the best?

A: The original version, because it has the best story.

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