WWE’s Roman Reigns Shoots on AEW and CM Punk, Forgets His Rounds

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns shoots on AEW and CM Punk for some reason, but forgets his rounds.

Roman Reigns has been shooting on AEW and CM Punk, forgetting his rounds.

Roman Reigns of WWE Shoots on AEW and CM Punk, Ignoring His Rounds



Roman Reigns, the WWE’s “Head of the Table,” spoke with Complex Sports in an extensive interview in which the “Tribal Chief” busted open a can of whoop-ass like it was Austin in the 1990s or a Uso at an open bar. Obviously, any “WWE superstar” conducting an interview, hyping up a major event, has a tint of “living the gimmick,” so take it all with a grain of salt – like the salt around the rim of a Uso’s margarita. Sorry for the inconvenience, Uce.

When asked about the burgeoning rivalry between WWE and AEW, Reigns said it’s “extremely subjective with emotion and tribalism,” which is a string of words that doesn’t make them understandable. Suffering succotash is a word that comes to me when I think about succotash Reigns doesn’t see AEW as a competitor because their fanbase is “a hardcore” one with a “built-in ceiling” and “a built-in floor,” whereas WWE is more about connecting with the mainstream and has the ability to touch the casual fan – something they’ve failed miserably at for the past two decades, but who’s counting, “Big Dog?”

He also claims that the diehard fans are “babying” AEW since they are new (AEW was created on January 1, 2019; how long is “new” a thing?) and that it’s odd when the show’s “largest character” is the audience. He couldn’t grab a soda from a vending machine or place asses in chairs since he had been sucking for so long. Thanks for letting us know what a prolonged crowd sounds like; perhaps the feds will get to work on that “causal fan outreach” soon.

“We’re attempting [and failing] to attract the new audience while simultaneously catering to our ardent fans [omega hahaha] and providing them with engaging storylines to satisfy their needs. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I find it unusual when the audience is the most important character in your performance [again, it’s called a complete building; try it sometime]. The reviews and comparisons will be all over the place [go off r/squared circle, my friend]. They’re the cool kids in town, I believe, since they’re the new kids on the block. I suppose there[sic] still being babied by these diehard wrestling fans because of how premature and new it is. That’s OK. That’s fantastic. ‘Oh no, there are more chances out there?’ I don’t believe anybody will ever say that, particularly from a performance aspect. That’s a bummer.’ As a result, it’s not a negative thing. It’s a fantastic thing for professional wrestling [a WWE vocabulary term]. It’s simply a strange debate because there’s so much prejudice and so much “I’m on this side and I’m not going to open my mind to the other side.” [Says the man who claims that the ‘competition’ is governed entirely by basement dwellers; OK, brother] It’s a two-way street.”

Roman Reigns

The WWE Universal Champion went on to claim that although others in the company may feel pressure to grow as performers, he is the best, and that praise or criticism regarding spots or counters means nothing to him. How many times has he speared someone through the timekeeper’s booth, I’m curious?

When asked whether he would work with CM Punk, with whom he has lately had a falling out, he essentially responded that if it was a kids’ “Make-A-Wish” and heaven and Earth aligned, he would. It’s not the first time Reigns has taken aim at Punk. In a BT Sports interview, Punk said that he “wasn’t as good or as over a John Cena or as good or as over or move the needle like The Rock,” in an effort to gain Mr. Brooks’ attention. From every quantifiable standpoint, that is objectively incorrect. During periods of 2011, when Punk was considerably more over than the Super-Cena who was pushing away longstanding fans, he outsold Cena in merchandise. Also, if you believe it wasn’t Stone Cold Steve Austin that moved the needle during the Attitude Era, you’ve been dropped on that stack of dimes you call a neck too often. And that, my friends, is the bottom line…

“[A Punk bout] will not boost me in the least. He’s older now [says the man who recently worked John Cena at SummerSlam and is a year older than Punk and is now working the billionth bout versus Brock Lesnar, who is also 44, at Crown Jewel]. This fucking jerk…]. I haven’t watched the whole match [you should; they’ve all been fantastic, and you could learn something new]. I’ve watched a few clips. And it seems to me that a step or two has been lost [haven’t watched the whole match, basing views on incomplete information, gotcha; you work for CNN and speak about horse dewormer as well?]. Then he was thrashed in the UFC [Roman, by the way, has never fought in a professional bout]. Nobody thinks someone who weighs 200 pounds and hasn’t a single explosive bone in their body could ever accomplish anything to me. I’m 6’3”, 265 pounds, and a genuine [failed] athlete [something in common with Punk; see, you two have something in common!] who can throw some weight about and has played at the top level of the gridiron [the CFL is OK, but friend…] D1. The whole Atlantic Coast League [barely a conference]. If my health troubles hadn’t occurred when I was 22 years old, I definitely would’ve stayed in the NFL [Joe Anoa’i has fought Leukemia many times, most recently in 2018]. So, when it comes down to it, I’m not afraid to kick him and the rest of that squad out of the club. You know, they’re just little brothers, right?” It’s a good thing it’s all work.

Clearly, in this interview, there was a glimpse of the character. That, and Roman has always been a jerk in interviews, even back in 2016, crying about the product. Maybe this things may bring a crowd or get some ratings, but I’ve heard the “hardcore fan” loves your heel streak, so congratulations on breaking CM Punk’s modern-day WWE Championship record of 434 days. That phony accolade will almost certainly get you “acknowledged.”

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