Where To Put Every Item In 2018 – Unpacking Item Placement Guide

In this blog, we will take a look at item placement in video games. There are many different opinions on the matter and much confusion about where items should be placed throughout your game. We’ll start with some basics then dive deep into how to best place items for maximum impact.

The “unpacking demo download” is a tool that allows you to move items around in your game. It’s important to know where to place items, so you can have an enjoyable experience.

In Unpacking’s last level, players are entrusted with furnishing a ten-room house. There are numerous more boxes to conquer and new stuff to examine now that the nameless protagonist has presumably given birth to another mouth to feed. Despite the fact that most people will have a lengthy travel ahead of them, this guide will show which rooms will house each kind of stuff.

The walk-in space is being unboxed

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The game should begin with you at the front entrance, since here is where you should focus your attention initially. The sculptures must be placed on the top shelf, while the shoes must be placed on the lower shelves. If you run out of room for the shoes, just pull them to the walk-in closet’s floor.

Place the umbrellas in the wooden bin beside the shoe rack and hang the pair of framed photographs to complete this space.

The enormous bathroom is being unboxed

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As with previous levels, begin by emptying everything onto the floor in the spacious bathroom. Then stack the larger boxed things under the sink and the smaller stuff around or above it (as shown above). The scrubbers should be hung near the huge shampoo bottles, which should be placed on the shower shelf.

Place the tall hamper, trashcan, and toilet bowl cleaner between the toilet and shower without moving anything else. After that, place one roll of toilet paper on the left-hand pole and the excess in the garbage underneath it. Four towels should be hung on the poles to the right of the sink, and the remainder should be stored on the laundry room shelf.

Then, between the washing machine and the dishwasher, nestle the smaller hamper. You should have just enough room on the shelves to fit the bag of soil and detergent to the right. After that, place the rubber duck in the tub and place the blue mat inside of it.

To finish this portion, place the flat iron, comb, and shaver in the drawers under the sink.

The walk-in closet is being unpacked

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If you spread everything out on the flooring again, but start hanging the clothes on the two long silver rods, the walk-in closet will be a breeze. Place the skirts and pants on the lower rod and all t-shirts on the one ahead now that it’s out of the way. The remaining garments, as well as the bras and socks, may then be tossed into the dresser, as seen above.

After that, place the lockbox on the floor in the room’s left corner, with the two bags in front of it. To complete the look, put the mirror and white chest on top of the dresser, with the rest of the items going on the shelves.

The master bedroom is being unpacked

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Place the blue and orange lockbox under one of the nightstands in the larger bedroom. Any books or phones you find should be placed on the lower shelf. After that, tuck the purple handbag and two yoga mats under the bed, with the red backpack propped up against the headboard.

Any stuffed animals found in each of the rooms must be brought over and put on top of the bed, as is customary (in no particular position). The remainder of the items may then be placed on the nightstands, with the exception of the plant, which must be placed on the shelf closest to the ceiling.

As you go through the rooms, you’ll come across three painted rocks and a thermostat, which should all be put near to the window (as shown above).

Unpacking the kid’s room

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The new nursery is without a doubt the most difficult task. Begin by laying everything out on the floor, but arrange all of the colored blocks close to the chair on the stand. Toys, teething rings, and books should all be stored on the wall or under the changing station. Then I filled the three drawers with the rest of the packaged diapers and baby outfits. Make sure the wipes aren’t in the way since they may put on top of the changing station with the brown and green bag.

The infant chair and play set should be placed in front of the station in the far-right corner, with the pink trashcan close by. Finally, place the two framed photographs on the wall and the two pacifiers in the crib.

The little bathroom is being unboxed

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The simplest of the three, this cramped bathroom just requires you to spritz the toilet with fragrance and hang the toilet paper and towel on their designated racks. Everything else may go on the shelf on the left side of the room, save the soap, which must be placed near the sink.

The office is being unpacked

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The office’s boxes may look intimidating, but the majority of the items within have already been seen in prior chapters. Begin with placing each book on the lowest shelf, followed by the numerous sculptures, plants, and frames that must be placed above them. Five drawings will also be available to hang on the wooden board over the desk.

After that, place the purple box of wires, as well as the brown paint brushes, in the cabinet to the left. They may both be set on top of the wooden canvas holder and the pendulum swing. Simply drag everything else onto the desk to complete this portion, but leave the garbage near the office chair.

The dining room is being unpacked

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The quickest way to finish the dining room is to cram each book into whatever shelf you like. All bigger things, such as the whale, the fish-shaped dish, and the menorah, may be placed here. On top of the table, arrange the green place mats, wine glasses, coasters, laptop, as well as the napkin holder and purple dish.

There will be three plants in this space, but you may place them anywhere you like. Hang or place the remaining images near the left window before moving on to the next room.

The kitchen is being unpacked

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Start unpacking the boxes in the kitchen by setting out goods on the floor, since it is likely the largest room in the house. All dishes, bowls, glasses, and ingredients should be stored on the upper shelf from here. Continue by placing each magnet and postcard on the refrigerator, then placing each little set of cutlery in the right-hand drawers.

You should now have enough room to plug the microwave and toaster into the outlets on the left side of the sink. Set the cheese grater, pressure cooker, two silver pots, and one pan on the lower-level shelves underneath the microwave. The red strainer, dough roller, rice cooker, and different cleaning items should be within the cabinet to their right. Keep the sponge and red brush in the sink, however.

After that, the dish and hand soap may be put on each side of the sink, with the wooden dish rack to the left of them. Place the set of spices, as well as the glass coffee pot and its brown bag of beans, to the right of the sink. From here, you may either place the last group of goods on top of the fridge or on the shelf closest to the ceiling, but be sure you hang the oven mitts and towel first.

The living room is being unpacked

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Finally, this gigantic domain’s last component. As previously said, the initial step in any living room should always be to place all of the video games and books on the vacant shelves. The Wii, cable box, and gamecube controllers should be placed within the TV stand, with the Wii remotes and 3DS in front of the TV.

The plants and figurines may then be placed on top of either shelf, but each board game must be placed below the coffee table. The coasters and TV remote should be placed on top of the coffee table, while the blanket and pillows should be placed on the sofa.

If all goes according to plan, the last thing you’ll need is a black and purple poster from the walk-in closet. The last chapter should be complete after this is taped on the wall.

The “Unpacking item placement guide” is a blog that will help you find the best place to put every item in 2018. The blog is broken down into different categories for easy navigation. Reference: where can i play unpacking.

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