Where Are Dune Video Games At?

From the early days of Atari to today’s most popular game, Dune is a game that has continued to capture imaginations. But with no new release in more than 17 years, where is this legendary series?

The “dune video game 2024” is a question that was asked by many people. The answer to the question is that Dune Video Games are currently not available for purchase.

Dune is a fantastic novel, at least the first one. It’s very amazing, and it’s full of political intrigue and an universe that makes me want to read it as a creative person. It takes away my capacity to generate most of the ideas on my own. Removing ranged weapons and replacing them with personal shields is a fantastic method to drastically transform sci-fi warfare.

Upend battle, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, who That seems like it may be a very fun game. There’s a lot of political intrigue, a lot of backstory, a lot of locations to see, and a pretty unusual fighting system. So, where are the games being held?


If you’re searching for something to play that isn’t sci-fi, consider FFXIV. It’s more fantasy-based than Dune, and it’s less centered on spicepunk.

Existing Video Games

The following Dune games are available, and you’ll notice something alarming right away:

Game Name Year Genre Systems
Dune 1992 RTS / Adventure Game DOS, Amiga, and Sega CD are all examples of computer operating systems.
Dune II 1992 RTS DOS, Amiga, RISC OS, and Genesis are all examples of operating systems.
Dune 2000 1998 RTS Windows 9x, PlayStation
The Emperor’s War for Dune 2001 RTS Windows
Dune is a novel by Frank Herbert. 2001 Adventure PS2, Windows

A complete list of all Dune games to date.

There are two adventure games and three RTS games in all. Two of them were created in the early 1990s, while the other two were created in the early 2000s. Westwood produced RTS games that were highly appreciated, and the adventure game has a cult following, but nothing has transpired in the world of Dune and video games in over 20 years.

Outside of the music, Frank Herbert’s Dune was billed as a miniseries tie-in, although it had nothing in common with the miniseries. It was a commercial flop that bankrupted Cyro Studios (the creators of the video game Dune, which is unrelated to Westwood’s Dune II).

Dune’s combat is complex, which makes translation difficult

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There are no Dune action games since the combat in the novels is characterized as largely close range, highly expert dagger fighting. Only extremely slow moving items may penetrate the personal shields, which is a need in order for air to travel through the shields. Ship shields, on the other hand, don’t have that problem since they may have self-contained life support systems.

This implies that any kind of conflict necessitates the avoidance of long-range weaponry. Slow penetration bullets exist, but they may be readily deflected after they strike a shield by prying them away with a knife. Swords were also utilized, although not as much as spears, which could be used to pierce the invading assault’s shields slowly.

The Weirding Modules aren’t in the novels, but the Weirding Way is, and it’s well-represented in the miniseries. This is a kung-fu-style speed increase maneuver.

The majority of the fighting was also incredibly well-organized, with everyone in formations defending everyone other. There aren’t many instances of a single individual going out on their own and doing whatever they want.

They didn’t convert well into video games for a long time, which is why, with the exception of “Frank Herbert’s Dune,” every video game centered on the grand strategy of moving forces about on a map. That’s a significant part of Dune, and it works beautifully in translation.

Technology of Today

With Dune II, Dune has established itself as one of the foundational elements of the contemporary RTS genre. However, we haven’t seen anything in the last several months. As previously said, Dune’s combat is notoriously difficult to convert prior to 2010. Right now, making a great Dune game that translates well should be rather simple, particularly with Dishonored-style stealth elements.

However, as far as I’m aware, there is now just one firm working on a Dune game: Funcom.

Dune TBD, a Funcom MMO

Funcom is working on a Dune MMO, although this project has been in the works for quite some time. Tencent already controls Funcom, and with the latest interest in Dune, it seems that it will be a few years away and larger than anticipated. So there’ll be money and experience, and they’re hoping to incorporate the best aspects of their Conan MMO into this one.

It will be fascinating to see what comes of it, but much more so to see what the future holds.

Dune Video Games in the Future

The popularity of the recent Dune: Part One will almost certainly usher in another Westwood Dune RTS (done by EA, I assume), as well as one or two games based on or at least themed with the films. Because Dune: Part Two and Dune: The Sisterhood are still in the works, there’s still time for a AAA company to take up the franchise and run with it. Anything like Dishonored would be a nice starting point, and something stealthy would be ideal.

There’s no word yet, but given the success of Dune: Part One, I’d expect to hear about a new vidya game for Dune any day now.

Long Plays of the Dune Adventure Game

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For the two Dune adventure games, here are a handful of our favorite Dune Long Plays:

Dune is a novel by Frank Herbert

Dune was a 1992 video game that is best known for its distinctive visuals and soundtrack. The game was released by Westwood Studios, the same company who made the popular Command & Conquer series. Reference: dune (1992).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Dune 2000?

A: Dune 2000 can be purchased on Steam.

Is there a Dune video game?

A: Yes. There are two, actually. The first is called Dune 2000 and the second is titled Dune II: Battle for Arrakis (1997).

Why is Dune 2 called Dune?

A: The game is called Dune 2 because the author, Frank Herbert got his inspiration for its story from a book of the same name.

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