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Trading/services in games without the use of real-world dollars, as well as cross-game deals.

TL:DR Based on a 10+ year old diablo 2 trade subreddit, we’re growing a multi-game discord. There is no need to spend real money, you can exchange stuff for services, and you can trade across games. I’m hoping to expand the subreddit, bring the discord out of bare bones state, and get some support on the discord side. — zTW46cve – Please contact me at Breezy#6084 on Discord if you need assistance.

Join our Discord server for polite trade, pvp, pve, raids, and in-game services like as rushes, carries, power levels, and boss kills. We began trading diablo 2 things on Reddit over ten years ago at and have since upgraded to include d2 ressurected. For PoE, FFIV, Destiny 2, and other comparable games like New World, we’ll be adding to the Discord in the same way. There are no money trades in the real world. You can’t purchase anything with cash. You can’t cashapp someone for an über tristrum carry since every game’s agreement has to be in-game things or services being swapped for one another.


We understand that official trading forums for these games are the normal go-to, but there isn’t much support for services being exchanged, for things, or for return services outside of items. These are only available on websites that take IRL cash. To keep everyone honest, we’re putting in place a new trader, trusted trader, and warning reputation system. If you need to pay a service for an item, you may always ask the mod team to act as a mediator while the service is completed. Although it is by no means required. To purchase HRs in Diablo 2, trade your chaos orbs from PoE. Everything is just good. The only regulations are that there is no cash and that you do not breach the Discord ToS. We adhere to a GM code of conduct that is respectful and kind. We understand that profit trading is the essence of the game, but any deals that are plainly so discounted that they seem to be ripping off a new user rather than just buying cheap and selling high will be banned. We want everyone to obtain what they need and generate some extra money to gear up the next character, but we’re not going to commit thievery.

D2T has been established for almost ten years, although it has just lately grown to over 250 members. This is a brand-new disagreement. It’s a process that we’re going through as adults with jobs, families, and responsibilities. We’ll put 2-3 folks on each game that are recognized and knowledgeable in both the game economics and discord/reddit/coding. Please contact me on Discord at Breezy#6084 if you want to assist with stuff like bot scripts or even a bespoke logo/banner.

This will allow certain players who oppose pay-to-win beliefs to still get in-game services/items without having to spend real money. Please contact me at Breezy#6084 or using the d2T mod mail tool if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations. Please DM me on discord or reddit if you’re interested in assisting with the discord or sub’s growth and development. Anyone who wants to support the concept but doesn’t know how to use Discord may still contribute by sharing sub and discord invite links. Other servers, in-game chat, and forums are all excellent locations to introduce yourself. Please remember that when you talk, you are speaking on behalf of all of us, so GM first and first.

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