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The Dark Souls series has been praised for its challenging gameplay and immersive world. It has also been criticized for the difficulty of finding items that are both powerful and balanced, which makes it difficult to find a build that can beat the game.

The dark souls 2 best cleric build pve is a list of the best weapons in Dark Souls 2 for players who are playing as a Cleric.

A cleric is a jack of all trades, with something for every situation, whereas other spellcasters in Dark Souls mainly concentrate on doing damage.

Miracles as a spell category has a wide variety of applications, from healing and curing to damaging and self-buffing.

As a result, a cleric may be constructed in a variety of ways.

You may be a strong paladin who boosts himself and confronts the adversary with large weapons, or you can be a healing priest who attempts to outlive their opponent.

Regardless of the situation, one thing is certain:

If you want to pursue the road of justice, you’ll need a weapon.

So come along with me as we examine some of the finest tools for all of your religious requirements!


Sacred Chime Hammer (No. 6)

Sacred Chime Hammer in Dark Souls 2

Starting things off on a high note, this weapon is ideal for any muscular paladin and will leave your opponent’s ears ringing.

The Sacred Chime Hammer is a colossal greathammer with a monstrous attack rating.

The two-handed powerful strike depletes durability and summons dark, homing missiles similar to the affinity spell, making it ideal for PvP.

Wearing a Bracing Knuckle Ring reduces the quantity of durability used by half.

If you’re going to utilize this one, I strongly advise using a dark infusion to boost its crazy attack rating even further.

To get the Soul of Velstadt, trade it to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


5. Axe of the Bandit

Bandit Axe Dark Souls 2 screenshot

In principle, any faith build will benefit from most lightning-infused weapons.

It wouldn’t be incorrect if this list consisted only of lightning-infused weaponry; it would just be a bit dull (and we’ve already done that).

As a result, I’ve decided to devote this space to all of them for the purpose of variety, even if some of them may be better than the things farther down the line.

Because of its high attack rating, moveset, and speed, I chose the bandit axe.

It’s also easy to find early on in the game, which is always a bonus!

If this doesn’t spark your curiosity, the Heide Knight weapons, Mastodon weapons, and the dragonslayer’s crescent axe are all excellent options for lightning infusion.

How to acquire it: Parasite Spiders drop it, and it’s a prize discovered in No-Wharf Man’s beside the Brigand Set.


4. The Sacred Chime of the Cleric

Cleric’s Sacred Chime Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Clerics, unlike sorcerers, hexxers, and pyromancers, do not rely heavily on their spells for the majority of their damage.

Their miracles are mainly employed as a pleasant “extra,” to get some hits where the mace can’t.

However, this does not negate the need of paying attention to the chime you’re using.

If the majority of your attunement slots are occupied with support miracles like heals, you’ll want to go for a quick and lightweight chime that ignores lightning scaling completely, which is exactly what the Cleric’s Sacred Chime is!

Sometimes the most simple instruments are the most effective.

How to acquire it: Cleric’s starting gear, a treasure discovered after Things Betwixt, and sold by Licia of Lindeldt.


3. Dragon’s Call

Dragon Chime Dark Souls 2 screenshot

…and if causing devastation is your goal, this weapon of choice is the way to go.

The Dragon Chime is the finest for calling lightning from the sky, whether you’re flinging it in the shape of spears or just summoning it.

You’ll have to put a lot of effort into your dedication since this chime only reaches number one after 50 Faith (give or take a few levels), but you’ll be rewarded in the end!

How to acquire it: Reaching level 3 with the Pilgrims of Dark covenant earns you this reward. You may also just kill Darkdiver Grandahl.


2. Bow of Despair

Bow of Want Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Who says clerics and paladins can’t wield bows?

The Bow of Want is a great tool for any faith build out there because to its scalability.

Because arrows are considerably simpler to maintain than miracles, the bow may be substituted for heavenly thunders for fast, inexpensive, and consistent harm.

When employed, its special attack depletes durability and launches a strong lightning spear, but it’s difficult to target, so you may want to use it sparingly.

In addition, using the Bracing Knuckle ring here will cut durability consumption in half.

How to acquire it: Trade Nashandra’s Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


1. Greatsword of the Defender

Defender Greatsword Dark Souls 2 screenshot


This list of holy weapons would be incomplete without this bad guy.

The Defender Greatsword was unquestionably the greatest faith weapon in the game during its heyday.

After many years and patch notes, it’s still one of the finest beat-sticks available, although somewhat nerfed.

The Defender Greatsword, as is the case with faith weapons, has its own special strike.

This saber delivers a self boost akin to the Sunlight Blade miracle, which enhances lightning damage and lasts approximately a minute, for the low-low cost of 10 durability.

The main drawback to this weapon is the time of its acquisition, since you must basically complete the game to get it (just like the Bow of Want).

Trade the Throne Defender Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex to obtain it.

The dragonslayer spear ds2 is a weapon that deals fire damage and has the ability to deal multiple hits. It was originally used by clerics in Dark Souls 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleric good in Dark Souls 2?

Cleric is a good class in Dark Souls 2.

What is the strongest weapon in Dark Souls 2?

The most powerful weapon in Dark Souls 2 is the Estoc.

How do you get the Heide knight sword?

You can get the Heide Knight sword by completing a quest in the game called The Heide Knight

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