15 Best Medieval Mods For Minecraft (All Free)

Minecraft is a game of infinite variety, with players exploring the expansive worlds it offers. Creating your own unique world has never been easier thanks to mods that can be found in abundance on all major download websites. This list compiles 15 best medieval mods for Minecraft, each one available for free and full of exclusive content waiting to be explored! Some are meant to simply provide more cosmetic features while others focus on gameplay enhancements like building tools or new combat techniques. Check out this list if you want an immersive Medieval experience in-world today!.

The “best medieval mods minecraft” is a list of the 15 best Medieval mods for Minecraft. These mods are all free and can be downloaded from the Minecraft website.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to the chivalric era?

Take a moment to remember a period when knights were brave, dragons were terrible, and enormous, ponderous siege weaponry ruled the Earth.

If that’s the case, I’m afraid I don’t have a time machine.

However, I do have a few fantastic Medieval-themed modifications for Minecraft. So, if you’re up for a Middle Ages adventure, these tweaks will undoubtedly come in handy.

15. Trebuchet

Trebuchet Mod for Minecraft

This mod adds a transportable trebuchet to your game, which can be used to fire lit TNT across large distances — most likely at something you don’t like.

With minimum effort, this trebuchet may also be used to fling monsters into the clear blue sky.

This is the connoisseur’s choice for hurling objects about your virtual environment, whether you’re wanting to unleash this enormous engine of war on a nearby Pillager Outpost, your friend’s castle, or even simply to enjoy the simple joys of sending a poor cow flying through the air.

It should also work well in a Medieval scenario.

14. Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons Mod for Minecraft

There was a genre known as ‘roguelikes’ in the early days of video game RPGs.

These games were known for taking players on epic quests across massive dungeons.

And the Roguelike Dungeons mod adds massive, subterranean dungeon buildings packed with unique areas and riches to explore, bringing all the magic and frustration to Minecraft.

The Tower, the Jungle Tower, and the Mountain Tower are three separate region-specific dungeon entrances included in the update.

See what you can discover by exploring them all.

13. Astikorkarts

Astikorkarts Mod for Minecraft

The wagon is the Middle Ages’ Rolls Royce. At least, that’s what my peasant neighbors tell me.

Three additional horse-drawn vehicles are included in this version. And I’m sure they’ll make your plague-ravaged town envious of you.

The Animal Cart is one of the three new vehicles you’ll get. It allows you to carry other people and mobs (such as villagers or animals).

The Supply Cart, which has the storage capacity of two item chests and enough room for a buddy to accompany you on your journey.

And there’s the Plow, which can quickly transform soil into farmland – or make dirt path highways over grass and dirt blocks.

12. Reforged Conquest

Conquest Reforged Mod for Minecraft

Conquest Reforged is an Optifine-compatible patch that evolved from the Conquest_ resource pack. It also vastly increases the number of decorating possibilities accessible to you.

Over 12,000 blocks are included in the mod, many of which have new 3D components to fit a variety of historical and fantastical settings and civilizations.

As a result, you can expect the Middle Ages will be portrayed.

In addition, the game’s foliage has been totally overhauled, with new realistic tree models that allow ‘layered placement capabilities,’ as well as a revised inventory system to help you manage the massive amount of new blocks.

11. Weapons of the Middle Ages

Medieval Weapons Mod for Minecraft

Medieval Weapons offers exactly what it says on the tin: it provides you new weapons.

Things that are specifically novel to Medieval times.

The list is extensive, but you’ll receive three types of daggers, sais, war axes, war hammers, katanas, shurikens, and chakrams, as well as new steel variations of all vanilla Minecraft tools and weapons with this patch.

What’s not to like about that?

10. Millenium

Millenaire Mod for Minecraft

Do you want to give your Minecraft world a little more life?

Do you wish to go to new places and learn about other cultures?

Then try Millenaire, a mod that adds new town types based on Norman, Indian, Japanese, Mayan, Byzantine, Inuit, and Seljuk Turkish civilizations from the 11th century.

Each town has its own architectural style, residents with names, and culturally specialized things.

The mod also includes extensive economic and reputation systems, which may influence how communities grow as well as how residents regard you.

If you trade with a town more often, they’ll utilize the resources to develop distinctive structures to fulfill the demands of their increasing population.

If you plunder their resources, they’ll become stagnant and refuse to deal with you (no surprise there).

For the more daring, this mod includes a variety of tasks as well as bandit raids that you may defend against or participate for a portion of the loot!

9. Medieval Arts and Crafts

Medieval Craft Mod for Minecraft

Medieval Craft is a Minecraft mod that adds massive castles to your environment.

I’m betting that almost everyone would want to give it a go.

Different clans of knights protect the castles, wearing armor inspired by numerous real-world civilizations.

However, despite the fact that the castles are brimming with wealth, the knights will not allow you get to them without a struggle!

The patch includes 7 new buildings, 9 new mob kinds, and 48 new armor and weapon types, including the legendary Excalibur.

We’ve all heard of tales, but Excalibur is a one-of-a-kind sword that delivers 30 damage and is lost somewhere in the globe for you to locate.

8. Cathedral

Cathedral Mod for Minecraft

It’s no surprise that cathedrals, the gothic buildings that dominated medieval Europe’s skylines, come to mind when people think of the Middle Ages.

And the Cathedral mod, which is an extension for the popular Chisel mod, adds a ton of new block types to Minecraft. They’re most often used to construct majestic castles, manor homes, and, yes, even more cathedrals.

New stone railings, gargoyles, and pillars, crafted from 13 distinct stone kinds, as well as dwarven-style fortress blocks, doors, and metal bars, are among the new blocks.

Not to mention some stunning new stained-glass blocks, climbable metal chains, and 17 various clay roofing tile kinds.

Give this mod a go if you want to nail the Medieval appearance.

It states it’s only compatible with Minecraft 1.12.x, but it’s worth checking to see whether it works with subsequent versions.

7. Arsenal of the Elders

Elder Arsenal Mod for Minecraft

Elder Arsenal is a mod that adds additional medieval and early modern weaponry to Minecraft, such as daggers, knives, katanas, battle axes, battle hammers, spears, halberds, maces, katars, throwing disks, and pistols (yes, really!).

In addition, dynamite (both standard and holy types) and a variety of new bow and shield variations are available.

The mod also includes new trap blocks, such as floor spikes, bear traps, and sleek gunpowder barrels that explode fast when activated.

It’s time to get your hands dirty.

6. Bayalin

Bayalin Mod for Minecraft

Bayalin introduces new goods and features to represent “the finest of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Periods.”

Isn’t that quote rather self-explanatory?

Over 80 new weapons, 20 new armor sets, and over 40 new medieval food items are among the latest additions. Yes, personalized cuisine!

That’s not all, people.

This also introduces additional buildings and creatures to your environment, such as bandit-infested camps, castles, and strongholds brimming with treasure, wandering mercenaries you may hire to pursue you, and other abandoned sites to explore.

While this was created for Minecraft versions up to 1.16.5, it’s well worth testing in subsequent versions as well. It was just updated a few months ago at the time of this writing – not bad.

5. Brazier Project

Project Brazier Mod for Minecraft

Project Brazier, originally known as Dark Roleplay Medieval, is a mod that attempts to provide Minecraft players with a real RPG experience.

Although the mod is in in its early stages, it already features 13 new construction and 50 ornamental block types to experiment with, as well as new crafting tables and objects.

This is one to keep an eye on.

New stair blocks, ships wheels, a rope bridge, torch holders, telescopes, and many table and chair modifications are all included in the mod as of this writing.

Plus, since this mod is still under active development, you may anticipate a lot of new features in the future.

4. Medieval Decoration by Nef

Nef's Medieval Decoration Mod for Minecraft

Let’s imagine you’ve previously completed your medieval town and are pleased with how it looks.

However, do you think your interiors are a letdown?

Do you wish things seemed to be a little more… middle-aged? (Not in the sense of your mother’s curtain preferences)

Nef’s Medieval Decoration is here to assist you.

This includes modern furniture such as wine racks, bookcases, tables, and a plethora of ornamental objects inspired by the Medieval era.

Flagons of mead, gold coins, blacksmith’s hammers, stone debris, bespoke cages, and skeletons are among the extras (the dead kind).

This mod also introduces a new biome called the Battlefield, which includes new buildings like watchtowers, ruins, and broken-down siege engines to play with.

Everything is set to go in your new Minecraft world.

3. Rustic

Rustic Mod for Minecraft

Rustic is a minor mod that adds additional Medieval stuff to Minecraft, mostly with a rural feel.

And there’s a lot to digest here!

Chandeliers and lamps, tables and chairs, gargoyles, liquid-filled clay pots/barrels, and new tree species including apple, olive, and ironwood are among the new ornamental blocks.

New construction blocks are also included, such as new pillar types, clay half-timber walls, and slate blocks.

Is that sufficient? I assume so, since there are lots of new crops to produce, an enhanced alchemy system, and a brewing system that allows you to make alcoholic drinks, all of which have their own distinct benefits.

I’m not sure how many people have fantasized about getting drunk in Minecraft, but this mod is one method to achieve just that.

2. The Beginning of Time

Dawn of Time Mod for Minecraft

Dawn of Time is a new decorative mod that adds approximately 300 new unique blocks to the game.

The patch adds a variety of wonderfully designed French and German Medieval blocks to Minecraft, enhancing the experience (at least if you want to go back 500 years in time).

Lattice windows, cast iron kettles, and some of the nicest-looking fireplaces I’ve ever seen… in Minecraft… are among the new things.

Dawn of Time, on the other hand, goes above and beyond most historical decorating modifications by include artifacts inspired by other major civilizations throughout the globe.

And, like Marco Polo, you may go beyond medieval Europe, experimenting with new blocks and decorations inspired by Japanese, Mayan, Roman, Persian, and Egyptian civilizations.

1. Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 Mod for Minecraft

Ancient Warfare 2 is a game that you should try.

It’s a large project aimed at bringing new Medieval-style automated systems to Minecraft, as well as research and tech trees for strategic games.

Complex equipment, such as windmills, watermills, and even Stirling engines, may be made using these new technology.

You may even create your own NPC kinds. You may hire people to run your new equipment or gather resources and food, for example.

You may also create battle NPCs such as troops to protect your city, medics to heal you during conflict, and engineers to build siege weaponry like ballistae.

There’s also the “utility NPCs,” which include merchants, messengers, priests, and bards.

But we aren’t finished yet. This also introduces a variety of groups with whom you may trade and battle, as well as communicate with.

This includes ‘civilized’ factions who construct large castles and towns, as well as ‘tribal’ factions that dwell in undefended camps.

Ancient Warfare 2 is the only large revamp mod worth attempting, even if you’re not interested in Medieval themes.

The “best minecraft furniture mods download” is a list of 15 best medieval mods for Minecraft. These mods will add new features and change the game in amazing ways. The free downloads are available on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best medieval mod for Minecraft?

A: The best medieval mod for Minecraft is the Medieval Mashup Pack.

What are the best free mods for Minecraft?

A: That is a difficult question to answer, as there are many different types of mods. Many people would recommend using the MCPatcher or OptiFine texture packs for that purpose because they sometimes have free versions you can download and use on your Minecraft account.

Are there any free mods in Minecraft?

A: There are a lot of mods that you can get for free on the website www.minecraftmods.com, but there is one mod which you cannot download from MinecraftMods at this time. It will come out eventually though!

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