Some thoughts about old world MH from a 5th fleeter

I’m not much of a gamer, but I do have some thoughts about old world Mh from one that has touched this game.

Monster Hunter is a series of action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom. It is the flagship title in the Monster Hunter franchise, which has sold over 30 million units worldwide as of September 2018. The series follows an unnamed protagonist who hunts monsters with a group of other hunters known as “hunters.” Read more in detail here: monster hunter fleets.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Some thoughts about old world MH from a 5th fleeter

So, as the title suggests, I began with World, then went back to GU, then to Rise, and now I’ve picked up 3U and am playing through it while waiting for sunbreak. However, I had a few opinions regarding the old games that I wanted to express.

GU was something I really wanted to enjoy. I really wanted to enjoy it. As an adept dual blades main, I put in over 200 hours and accomplished villages up to level 10 and hubs up to level 5. I never made it to G rank because I had finally recognized to myself that I wasn’t enjoying the game and had never truly enjoyed it from the beginning. I put it down to old world elements like paintballs, the hub layout (just my own choice – I like 16 person hubs with the ability to SOS), and combat seeming both merciless and repetitive.

Then I grabbed 3U. I’m just 20 hours in and have only recently defeated Gobul, so I know there’s a lot more to come, but I’m loving it so far! All of the old world peculiarities that turned me off of GU are entirely irrelevant here! Fighting the creatures is a lot of fun! Despite the loading zones, the maps manage to seem immersive, and the game is loaded with charm that gu lacked! After some thought, I believe I’ve figured out why this game worked with me right away whereas GU didn’t. It’s due to a mix of factors.

  1. The monsters feature real ecology-related entrance sequences and seem to be creatures in their natural environment. GU made them feel like kings and queens.

  2. I understand that Monster Hunter isn’t recognized for its stories, but I’d like to see at least one. Even the tiniest reason for my conduct may make a big difference.

  3. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I want to do every task in a rank before going on. With most ranks having 20+ optional tasks, GU made that a painful process. The quantity of people in 3U is significantly more manageable.

  4. I didn’t get a lot of the allusions in GU. Maybe if I play a few more vintage games, they will be more appealing to me.

  5. Many people laud GU for its styles and weapon arts, but I honestly believe they detracted from my enjoyment of the game. I’m not concerned about how awesome hunters are or how many different ways I can personalize a weapon. To me, the weapon is nothing more than a necessary instrument for dealing with the beast.

Now that I’ve tried 3U, I’m incredibly pleased I did. I may have simply resigned myself to never playing any old world games if it hadn’t been for this, but now? I’m thinking about picking up 4U after this. I think the point of writing this was to express my feelings on old games and maybe inspire those who began with World and then returned to GU only to despise it to pick up another!

TLDR: I began with world, and although I didn’t like for GU, I’m having a lot of fun with 3U for a variety of reasons.

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Monster Hunter World has been out for a while now, and it’s time to reflect on what I think about the game. Reference: monster hunter world monsters.

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