Scourge Builds Path of Exile 3.16 League Starters

This week, Path of Exile released its 3.16 League Starters update. The update includes a new challenge league, the introduction of three new skills, and many other improvements to the game.

The Path of Exile 3.16 League Starters is a build that can be used to start a league in Path of Exile. It uses the Scourge Builds and has been tested by many players.

On October 22nd, the Path of Exile Scourge 3.16 league will debut, bringing seven new skill gems, a reworked passive skill tree, improvements to the Atlas endgame, new endgame content, and a new batch of unique items. To kill strong demons and create potent items in PoE Scourge, you must first fill the Blood Crucible with the blood of your foes, then shift into an alternative Wraeclast where an apocalyptic event is taking place. We’ll go through the best Path of Exile Scourge builds for starting off in the new 3.16 challenge league and completing all content as a novice in this post. If you’re interested in learning more about this league, visit the Path of Exile website’s Scourge announcement page.

Contents of the book

  1. Builds with a Wide Range
  2. Builds for Melee
  3. Builds for Summoners and Totems

Builds with a Wide Range

Elementalist of the Armageddon Brand

Because of the little expenditure needed to make Armageddon Brand shine, it has become the go-to talent for many racers, like RaizQT. The build allows you to cast a Brand on an opponent and run about until the pack is cleared, which is a very quick and safe playstyle (in most cases the monster pack dies from one-two hits). Armageddon Brand performs well even on a four link, making it one of the most popular Scourge beginning setups. For the leveling phase, four connected items should be plenty. On the PoE forum, there’s a build guide. For the Hardcore Scourge league, however, a Chieftain ascendancy may be a preferable choice for greater survivability.

SSF, HC, and SC viable Decent survivability High Clear Speed Incredible Beginner Build SSF, HC, and SC viable

It takes a long time to increase single target damage. From level 28, you may use AB. A mana flask is required.

Deadeye Toxic Rain

For many leagues, Toxic Rain has been a top performer, and for good reason. It has excellent clear speed, strong single target damage, and is reasonably safe because to Toxic Rain’s inherent ability to delay opponents. Because you can perform all map modifications with this build, you can save up on those delicious Alchemy and Scouring orbs for red maps, making it one of the finest PoE Scourge builds. Toxic Rain Scourge league builds need a significant amount of investment to successfully navigate red maps, since the damage tends to taper off and the DoT doesn’t kill opponents fast enough to make the maps safe. On the PoE Forum, there is a build guide.

SSF, HC, SC viable Relatively Tanky Great Clear Speed High Boss Damage

For Red maps, No Ailment Immunity necessitates investment.

Assassin with Poison Blade Blast

Despite the fact that the Assassin Ascendancy was nerfed during the previous league, Bladefall and Blade Blast builds remained popular for racing and Ziz’s gauntlet event start. The goal of this construct is to use Bladefall to create a blade that can then be detonated using Blade Blast. This combination provides the build with a lot of extremely rapid AoE clear, as well as the ability to do a lot of single target damage. Due to the two-button playstyle, the Blade Blast Assassin may be clumsy to play, which may not be pleasant for everyone. It’s also worth noting that this build isn’t as tanky as some of the other PoE Scourge builds we’ve discussed.

SSF, SC viable Beginner-friendly Insane Clear Speed High Boss Damage

Low Survivability Not HC Viable Playstyle with Two Buttons


Trickster with the Essence Drain

In the 3.16 balance update, several builds were nerfed, and ED builds were undoubtedly one of them. Essence Drain builds are among the safest Scourge builds in the game, since they destroy opponents via proximity shields, off-screen adversaries, and Legion mobs within a second of their spawning. Furthermore, it is a DoT build, meaning the player may perform the spell combination while running about avoiding blows while the opponent is being wounded. It’s worth noting that, although it makes mapping a pleasure, the leveling process may be tedious due to the absence of single-target damage without appropriate gem connections. You’ll need to follow a good construction instruction to avoid this.

High resilience Insane Clear Speed Fantastic beginning SSF, HC, and SC viable Easy to play, beginner friendly

Single Target is a mediocre game that may be clumsy to play. High maps are reliant on gem levels.

Builds for Melee

Slayer of Cyclones

Cycloners are the most popular novice league starting build because they provide a simple, but powerful one-button playstyle. All you have to do is spin around while holding down a button and destroying anything in your path. The Cyclone build breezes through levels, and most of the game’s content can be completed on SSF (but weapon-crafting knowledge will be required). Despite its great resilience, the build is unable to facetank any of the end-game monsters without appropriate gear investment. If you want to play melee-based builds in the Scourge league, you can’t go wrong with a cyclone build. Check out the PoE Forum’s build guide for additional information.

SSF, HC, and SC viable SSF, HC, and SC viable SSF, HC, and SC viable SSF, HC, and SC viable SSF, HC, and SC viable SSF, HC, and SC viable SSF, HC, and SC viable SSF,

Can’t facetank final bosses without high-dps weaponry

Champion of Earthshatter Impale

Warcry skills have become the standard for melee builds, and they work particularly well with Earthshatter, making this build very popular. The Earthshatter Impale Champion is one of the strongest builds since it doesn’t need any special uniques or gear. Permanent fortify enables the player to facetank the majority of the game’s enemies, making it very safe for newcomers. Furthermore, the build does not need any cluster jewels to function properly, and it can clear the majority of the game’s content on a very modest budget (the only requirement is a good weapon). On the PoE Forum, you may find a build guide.

SSF, HC, and SC viable High survivability Beginner Build Fun to play Beginner Build Beginner Build Beginner Build Beginner Build Beginner Build Beginner Build Beginner Build Beginn Farmer/Uber Lab/Boss

Totally reliant on high-damage weaponry Immune maps aren’t able to do physical harm.

Juggernaut of Agony’s Herald

Herald of Agony builds are one of the most tanky budget builds in the game right now. Most bosses in the game can be facetanked by the HoAG Juggernauts (assuming you have excellent gear). This is an excellent build for anyone interested in trying out the Hardcore Scourge league, since the odds of dying to anything below red maps are slim. Overall, the HoAG Juggernaut is a fantastic boss killer at the cost of a slow map clear speed.

Almost indestructible SSF, HC, and SC are all feasible options. Farmer/Uber Lab/Boss

sluggish leveling phase sluggish clear pace sluggish clear speed sluggish clear speed slugg Having to rely on the HoAG summon


Steel Raider Lancing

Most players will appreciate the quick and aggressive melee playstyle of the Lancing Steel Raiders. The build is simple to level and doesn’t need any special equipment apart from a powerful weapon. The main disadvantages of this build are that it needs a large amount of money to min-max for the ultimate end-game and that it does not support physical reflect maps. Furthermore, the Raider edition of this design isn’t really hardcore feasible, but you may choose a Duelist instead, which is much more so. All of this information may be found in the handbook.

SSF, HC, and SC viable All content Fast, active playstyle Beginner Build SSF, HC, and SC viable

To min-max, it’s expensive. Not suitable for a party (a large number of projectiles reduces the frame rate) Steel shards need active handling.

Builds for Summoners and Totems

Chieftain of the Totems Ancestral Warchief

Scourge Build Totem Warchief

Melee totem builds got a lot of improvements in the previous expansion, and they’re still good starting builds for Scourge. Earthbreaker is a new gem that enables players to attach abilities like Tectonic Slam to their totems, making them a lot more fun to play with. While the Ancestral Warchief construct is a totem, it is usually more enjoyable than spell totems due to its more active playstyle. The build is simple to equip, great for boss slaying, and has a good map clearing speed, making it one of the best Scourge builds. More information about the build may be found in the guide.

SSF, HC, and SC viable Boss Killer/Uber lab farmer Active playstyle Beginner Build SSF, HC, and SC viable Boss Killer/Uber lab farmer

Totem construction mediocre clear speed

Ballista Totems Hierophant Elemental Hit

The Elemental Hit Ballista Totems may be for you if you’re a seasoned player wanting to branch out and try new things, or just a novice looking for a fun build. The build is a lot of fun to play, does a lot of damage, and has a lot of durability since enemies concentrate on Totems instead of you. It can handle the majority of the game’s material on a shoestring budget. Uniques such as Frostferno, Quill Rain, 2x Combat Focus, and the Rain of Splinter gem are the sole prerequisites for red maps. This build’s details may be found here.

Budget Beginner Build Mostly a softcore build Safe Playstyle Great clear speed

Uses totems and has mediocre single target damage (might get boring for some)

Spectres, Zombie, and Skeleton Summoner

Because they don’t need any particular gear, uniques, or jewels, generic summoner builds are typically extremely popular league starting builds, especially for novice players. They’re also very simple to equip, since all you’ll need on gear is resistance, life, and minon +levels. Due to its high single target damage output, this build utilizes both Zombies, Spectres, and Skeletons to zip through content with fast clear speed and destroy bosses with ease. Check out the construction guide for additional information.

Best New Player Build HC SSF and SC SSF are both feasible Extremely Safe Playstyle Excellent clear speed Insane boss assassin

Damage is dealt only via summoning.

Summoner of Raging Spirits

Raging Spirits were a dominant team in the previous season because they melted through stages and monsters with ease while maintaining an active summoner playstyle. This build focuses on bursting Raging Spirits by combining the Minion Instability keystone from the passive tree with the Tavukai Coral Amulet for crazy damage. Don’t worry, this build works well as a league starter, and the Tavukai Coral Amulet is just the cherry on top for high-level stuff since you can just ignore the Minion Instability node until you have the amulet. Here is the link to the construction guide.

Budget-friendly HC and SC playability All content and map modifications High block resilience Insane boss killer

Damage is dealt via summons, thus it’s somewhat SSF feasible. During leveling, the surface becomes squishy.


Even for seasoned players, the whole build-making element of Path of Exile may be intimidating. Building a structure requires a lot of effort and preparation, as well as trial and error testing. Most players don’t want to spend time figuring out a build when a new league starts, which is where the Path of Exile forum comes in handy— a great source of pre-made PoE Scourge Builds for them to choose from. We combed the forums for the finest Path of Exile 3.16 builds that are appropriate for any novice (or expert player) to play with. These Path of Exile Scourge builds will enable you to complete all of the game’s content, farm money with easily, and, most importantly, are HC and SSF viable.

The path of exile 3.14 league starter is a build for Path of Exile 3.16 League Starters. It is a combination of the most popular builds in the game, which are all viable and can be played on any character class.

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