How To Change Your Name In Apex Legends

If you’re looking to change your name in Apex Legends, here’s how it works.

In Apex Legends, players can change their name by going to the “Player Profile” menu and selecting “Edit Name.” The player will then be prompted to enter their old name and new name.

In Apex Legends, your name is linked to all of your data, levels, and achievements. It also shows how far you’ve progressed in the game. To represent your success in the game and the milestones you’ve earned, you may choose to alter your name. How you alter your name will differ depending on whatever platform you’re playing Apex Legends on. It’s all done via your account on that site, not through Apex Legends. Here’s all you need to know about renaming yourself.

In Apex Legends, how can you alter your name?

Steam and Origin

If you want to change your name on Origins or Steam, you’ll have to do it via the appropriate platform. For Origins, go to, go to your profile on the bottom left of the page, and choose EA Account and Billing from the drop-down menu. You’ll be led to an EA page where you may change your profile immediately. To begin, go to the About Me page and choose the edit option next to Basic Information. After that, you’ll be able to update your EA ID, which is your username. Your account’s name will change if the username has not previously been registered.

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You may either use your desktop Steam program or browse straight to their website for Steam. To access your profile page, connect into your account, click your profile, then View Profile. From here, on the right side of your profile page, select the Alter Profile option, and you should be able to freely edit your Steam profile name. After you approve the change, your new name will appear in the next Apex Legends match you play.

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Your Xbox Gamertag will be the profile name you see in Apex Legends, just as it is on PC. Instead of using a browser, the easiest method to achieve this is to use your Xbox. You may do this by pressing the Xbox logo on your controller to bring up the Xbox home screen, then selecting the Profile and System page, selecting the profile you wish to update, and then selecting the My Profile tab. You may then choose Customize Profile from the drop-down menu. You’ll be able to change your current Gamertag, and if the tag is accessible, you’ll be OK.


Then there’s the PlayStation. You’ll need to modify the name of your profile, just like on the Xbox. The easiest approach to achieve this is to use the system directly. Make sure the account you’re updating is the one you use to access the internet. When your PlayStation loads, click the PS logo in the middle of the screen and scroll all the way down to your profile picture. Click on it, then scroll down to Profile, where you’ll find the pen symbol for editing your profile. Make sure you’re altering the Online ID rather than the name. During your Apex Legends map, your name will be shown using your Online ID.

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Nintendo Switch is a game console that was released in

The Nintendo Switch is the last place you’ll need to modify your profile’s name. Go to the top left of your Switch device’s menu and choose the profile you wish to update. Then proceed to the Profile tab after clicking on the profile page. You may then update your profile nickname by moving to the right side of the screen. This has no effect on your buddy code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my apex name EA?

A: You can change your apex name with a quick search of apex account on Xbox support.

How do you change your Origin name?

A: In order for you to change your origin name, the only way is through a computer.

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