Dbrand’s Custom PS5 “Darkplates” Business Is Dead after It Dares Sony to Sue and Company Follows Through with Legal Action

Dbrand, a company that makes custom skins for video game consoles and other devices has been ordered to cease and desist by Sony after the two companies got into a legal dispute.

The dbrand darkplates is a company that produces custom PS5 Darkplates. Dbrand’s business has been shut down after Sony filed a lawsuit against the company.

Dbrands-Custom-PS5-Darkplates-Business-Is-Dead-after-It-DaresImage credit: dbrand

After Sony’s attorneys threatened legal action with a stop and desist letter, Dbrand, the Canadian-based device modification firm behind “Darkplates,” was compelled to discontinue its custom PS5 plate business. Dbrand’s actions have been widely known in the gaming media, and the business decided to lure Sony’s attorneys into taking action against it when Darkplates debuted, challenging the corporation to sue it for any reason. Darkplates, bespoke matte-black side plates for the PS5 with engravings evocative of the PlayStation brand’s trademarked insignia, were eliminated as anticipated by Sony.


According to Dbrand, these are some of the ominous details from Sony’s legal department:

…preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, the removal of infringing items by the Court, and the recovery of dbrand’s earnings as well as further monetary damages.

…extensive remedies under US law, including injunctive relief, deletion of all infringing materials, restitution of our client’s lost earnings and losses, and statutory damages of up to $150,000 per infringed work.

…an injunction, the destruction, delivery, and exportation of goods, the prohibition of products importation, and the awarding of damages and profit accounting, punitive damages, punitive and exemplary damages, interests, and expenses.

“What do you notice when you look at the tiny texture within the Darkplates?” In a section of its website labeled “Totally legal,” dbrand said. “You may be one of our attorneys if your response is ‘a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic twist on the traditional PlayStation button designs.’”

The top of the webpage stated, “Go ahead, sue us.”

Sony is expected to start offering its own custom plates for the PlayStation 5 in the near future. Midnight Black and Cosmic Red are the two color options for the DualSense Wireless Controller that the business has previously launched.

The whole stop and desist letter from Sony may be read here.

dbrand is the source.

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Dbrand’s Custom PS5 Darkplates business is dead after it dared Sony to sue and the company followed through with legal action. Reference: ps5 skin.

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