Amenoma Kageuchi in Genshin Impact – how to get it, stats, ascension materials

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play mobile game developed by the Japanese studio Amenoma. The game features an anime art style, and players can collect cards to summon monsters in battle.

The amenoma kageuchi genshin impact: how to get is a character from the Genshin Impact series. Amenoma Kageuchi has been added as a playable character in the latest update.

In Genshin Impact, the Amenoma Kageuchi is a free four-star sword weapon that is arguably one of the finest free-to-play choices. However, such a powerful weapon can only be acquired by leaping through a few hoops.

To begin the global quest A Farmer’s Treasure, adventurers must first go to Jinren Island. Ascend to the peak of the island’s central mountain. There, you must rescue a guy who is imprisoned in a cage. You’ll have to battle your way to the top of a tree near the cage to locate the key, which should be lodged there.

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Following the man’s release, you must collect four Old Stone Slates scattered around Inazuma. Near the Kamisato Estate, look for the first Stone Slate. It’ll be hidden under a purple tent. The following two Stone Slates may be found in Araumi. To continue in this region, you’ll need the Memento Lens. You won’t be able to get the Stone Slates without them.

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Scan the fox shrine in Araumi’s well with the Memento Lens. You’ll get entry to a hidden subterranean location where the other two slates may be found. To get to a flooded section of Araumi, turn left and look for a hole in the earth. Continue to the left and climb the adjacent stairs to discover the Stone Slate amid a mound of dirt. Solve the adjacent puzzle, then go to the Teleporter Waypoint. The shipwreck is the location of the next Stone Slate.

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Konda Village has the last Stone Slate. There is a well there that you may enter if you have completed the required mission. There will be an Electro Barrier on the lowest level that you may cross past. Pass past the barrier to a secret chamber where the last Stone Slate may be found.

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Return to Jirou. He’ll send you to Araumi’s waterfall to look for another item, but when you go there, you’ll discover it’s not there. Jirou will be apprehended once again if you return to Jiren Island. He’ll offer you a key if you free him one final time. It will open a nearby trapdoor, leading to a final riddle that you must solve. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult at all. Simply walk on all of the tiles once without stepping on them twice.

From there, you’ll be able to complete the mission. You’ll get a blueprint for the Amenoma Kageuchi at the end of the mission, which needs a Northlander Sword Billet, x50 Amethyst Lumps, and x50 White Iron Chunks.

Stats for Amenoma Kageuchi

  • 4-star rarity
  • ATK: 41 at level 90, 454 at base.
  • ATK percentage is a secondary statistic.
  • Levels of secondary statistics: 12% at Level 1, 55.1 percent at Level 90
  • Gain 1 Succession Seed after casting an Elemental Skill as a passive. Once every 5 seconds, this effect may be activated. The Succession Seed has a 30-second duration. There may be up to three Succession Seeds active at the same time. All Succession Seeds are consumed after performing an Elemental Burst, and the character regenerates 6 Energy for each seed spent after 2 seconds.

Materials for Ascension

Level 20 x5000 Mora, x3 Coral Branch of a Distant Sea, x3 Chaos Gear, x2 Old Hanguard, x3 Coral Branch of a Distant Sea
Level 40 x15000 Mora, x3 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea, x12 Chaos Gear, x8 Old Hanguard
Level 50 x20000 Mora, x6 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea, x6 Chaos Axis, x6 Kageuchi Hanguard
Level 60 x30000 Mora, x3 Jade Branch of a Distant Sea, x12 Chaos Axis, x9 Kageuchi Hanguard, x3 Jade Branch of a Distant Sea
Level 70 x35000 Mora, x6 Jade Branch of a Distant Sea, x9 Chaos Oculus, x6 Famed Hanguard
Level 80 x45000 Mora, x4 Golden Branch of a Distant Sea, x19 Chaos Oculus, x12 Famed Hanguard

Honey Hunter deserves credit for this.

Is the Amenoma Kageuchi worth your time?

The Amenoma Kageuchi is an excellent weapon for burst supports with low-cooldown Elemental Skills and Energy Recharge needs. Because her Elemental Skill has a short cooldown, it’s an excellent F2P choice for Jean. If you don’t have a Lion’s Roar or Festering Desire, you may place it on a Kaeya.

Using this weapon on Bennett is not advised. Due to the Amenoma Kageuchi’s low Base ATK number, the ATK boost on his Elemental Burst scales off of Base ATK, thus the Prototype Rancour will offer greater value in the end.

The amenoma kageuchi level 90 is an item that can be obtained in the game Genshin Impact. This item has a number of uses, including ascension materials for your characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Amenoma Kageuchi Genshin impact?

You can get the album on Amazon.

Is Amenoma Kageuchi good for traveler?

Amenoma Kageuchi is a good item for travelers.

How do you get anemona Kageuchi?

You can buy it from the in-game store.

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